Dear great spirit things are still tough and I am trying not to let the daily grind infect my spirit with doubt . I miss the days as a child when I would pray and truly believed god was watching over me .

I struggle with acne and being poor at the moment . I wish the great spirit would get me going on the way to my dream life . I am tired of feeling such dirty emotions everyday . I am tired of constantly dealing with incompetent fools who get by with deceit and trickery .

I pray for the good people of the world that they be given strength to do what is right . Am I wrong for not wishing well for those who would prefer to see me cry and in pain ? I am tired of doing great jobs for employers and and not being appreciated at all . How do such heartless, and inconsiderate people get the jobs that look over people . Why don’t people who actually give a damn get to be the boss ? I don’t understand . I do not want to waste my life obeying some Tyrant for the greater evil .

I mean the workers abuse is outrageous . I have heard so many stories and experienced myself how people in positions of power act completely retarded . Why is there temper is so short ? They are like loose cannons ready to get upset at the most trivial of things . Why are bosses so inappropriate with there words ? I don’t know many bosses that I worked for that were actually liked . Maybe they are so egotistical that they can’t tell how much they are disliked . I pray dear lord , not for bad people to find peace and happiness . Nor do I pray for the world . I can’t bring myself to pray for woman beaters and rapists . Nor do I pray for ignorant assholes whose very existence seems to be to piss me off .

Dear lord help me find some peace and happiness . Are you not a just great spirit ?  Help people who deserve to be helped . Help the people with pure hearts and pure intentions . I pray for bad things to happen to bad people and wish well for those who are great people (trustworthy and honest ) .

So many bad things have happened great spirit . If you exist I pray you make your presence known .

Published by James Jantzen