Dear lord I am struggling to find work and am in dire need . Past garbage work experiences haunt me daily . I really want to support me and my girlfriend as well as pay all my bills . The last two job opportunities have been shady with no secure income .

I really do want a job and it hurts how I struggle to provide for my beautiful girlfriend . I want to give her everything and love her more than anything in the world . Please great spirit get me a job that is legit and not some scam .

Dear great spirit I need your guiding light to show me the way out of the darkness and into the light . Help me get a job that is great for everyone . A job that I will keep and enjoy being at . I also need my girlfriend to approve of my job .

Dear great spirit I am scared and nervous about all the responsibilities of life . I could use a teacher or mentor or just anything in general to help make me feel less of a loser .

Published by James Jantzen