I feel like my prayers have been answered in some ways . There have been good moments in the last few days . Thank you I am grateful . I still need tremendous amounts of honest money , 22,500 to be exact and even more as time progresses . Dear lord please show me a way to make enough to pay off all my debt and to live a comfortable life . I did my accounting work today and holy smokes I owe a lot of money .

Dear great spirit I still don’t know how I will come up with a this money . I feel almost stricken with fear . These feelings are so foreign to me I have always had someone support me financially . Dear lord help me prepare and learn how to live in this new world that I am in . I got 20$ and I ride to the bottle depot it felt good . Me and my girlfriend are doing alright together . The home life I live in has calmed down tremendously too .  The evil kids who use to play in the park at 2:00 am cursing and causing havoc are no longer there . For that I am thankful . Life isn’t all bad . I pray things continue to improve and get better . I pray for great big miracles that benefit everyone in the house .

Published by James Jantzen