I am competent with a decent attitude . I feel like I am worth millions . It seems like when I strut my stuff and appear confident . Assholes like the two pieces of shit in the house ruin my life on a regular basis . This guy walks into the house and knocks on the door rudely telling me he needs to use the washroom . Uh dude …. I am using the washroom wait your turn this is not your house ! Then he pisses on the bathroom seat . My girlfriend says dude you stumble into the washroom and piss on the seats !? Starts getting upset at my girlfriend and I only say a few things from downstairs . Jesus some grown man he is I almost screamed at him from down here to shut up and clean his piss .

Dear great spirit help with these retarded life circumstances . I shouldn’t feel this upset all the time because ??? Help heal my hurt and rage at these people who feel the need to start drama all the time . I pray for much future peace and happiness . That I can move away from this place with my girlfriend . I hope one day peace and happiness will find its way to me .

Dear great spirit I don’t know what to do or how to proceed . I truly feel lost like I don’t know which course of action to take . Please dear spirits if you are out there . I crave change in major ways . I can’t continue to keep living life how I have been living before . I could use a whole lot more safety and security . I would like to have my own things .

Dear spirits out in this universe . Help me deal with this anger I feel . I am trying not to blame all the shitty people in my life . As well as not blame anyone . I am confused at all these negative emotions . What have I done to deserve all these unfavorable circumstances ? It seems like I can’t catch a break in life . I refuse to believe I can’t do it . I can do it !

I really need my own stuff quite badly . The one time I lose my phone in years is when I could really use it . Dear lord it already sounds like an old prayer and I could use a lot of material things . This heart attack every few hours from unnecessary circumstances is outrageous . Lord please help make my own life simpler and safer .

Published by James Jantzen