Dear great spirit I love my girlfriend very much and ask you bless our relationship and fill it with grace . She is the woman of my dreams and I wish to live my life with her . I promised many dreams and wishes .

Is it too much to ask dear lord that you help me create a life that is blessed with great things . I promise to be responsible and to not use money for wicked ways . I wish to buy food and to go out for dinner with my beautiful girlfriend . To have safe transportation so we don’t have to bus hours everyday to and from work . That we can live in a safe neighborhood and don’t have to worry about downtown sketchbags .

I pray for my family even though we are not on the best of terms . May our wounded hearts be healed and may we have some kind of relationship before we are dead .

I pray for all the deceased that were once in the world . Rest in peace , may your legacy be remembered . You are missed , there was once a space here for you . I hope to do well for you my brothers and sisters . May my life make all who passed proud . May my life mean something .

In the great spirits name bring peace and happiness to all around me. May I be heard and healed for all that has happened .

Published by James Jantzen