Please excuse my absence the past few days as I was getting over a terrible situation that happened to me last Friday night. I would like my followers and readers to know that I am doing just fine as I am moving past the ugliness that transpired a few days ago. I will not divulge into detail about the situation but know that a major part of my healing process has been done through prayers and relaying upon the Lord, God due to my renewed emphasis on a personal relationship with him. It has also led me to throw away all of my anti depression medication including my prozac and continue to pray for guidance and seek His help through such dark times.

The strangest thing is that in the past, I would openly laugh and ridicule anything that had to do with the supernatural or the spiritual world but through the 17 years of battling depression coupled with my battles with anxiety the past four years, I have realized that the 60mg of Prozac isn’t making it easier to deal with certain situations. In fact, I still find myself crying at times that I shouldn’t be, just like last Friday while I was in a public transit center as I tried to hide my feelings away from the public eye. It is through prayers that I have also found a good way to also battle my insomnia that I used to treat with 100mg of trazodone but I could no longer deal with the terrible nightmares that had plagued me for the past six months.

Still, there is plenty of hope ahead with my dedication back to the ways that my grandmother raised me, to be spiritually observant of all the angels that she sends my way that protects me while I am asleep and when I am awake. I have also found that prayers does a great deal to soothe the hardships that those I love are going through. The difficulties of life seems to disappear just a little bit for those that I love and care for and that might be the biggest reason that we must all pray. Keep in mind those that we must also do other actions to try and shape the world for the better but for those who are distant from us in terms of sheer miles. We must do what we can to be there for those who love, either through spiritual means like prayers or by providing for them emotional or financial support for it is what He would have wanted us to do in the first place.

Published by Henry Graves