My mother was a very blessed woman; not wealth wise, sometimes not even health wise. Yet so strong and graceful in spirit. In the peak of adversity that’s when her wings grew. Soaring above every conflict and downfall with her faith only in God.

My mother always seems to know how to heal wounds that have been freshly cut, or even open for years. With comfort she starts medicating each wound; with gentleness and understanding she starts to bandage each cut; and with her love and support the wounds began to fully heal.

A mother’s touch is only as graceful as her heart; and a woman’s heart can only be as merciful as the God she prays to. Ever since I could remember, my mother has always prayed for me and my siblings. Whether it was out loud, or in secret; even if it was us coming together to pray. She has always prayed for us. I feel like that was the greatest ingredient in her potion of love and gentle kindness; which was the Love of Christ.

We all go through bad things sometimes, and so did she. But the reason she was able to grow in adversity verses giving up on life is because she had a Praying Grandmother whose faith was deeply rooted in Jesus Christ. Which allowed my mother to reap many blessing even in her bad times. Internally growing her faith; and becoming saved at 16 years old was only the beginning of her long fulfilled purpose.

Our Praying mothers, grandmothers and Great grandmothers are the reason we are still thriving. Prayer is one of the strongest tools in your relationship with Jesus Christ; neck and neck with your faith in his power to do all things. I am blessed to have a mother who prays for us; and now I am a mother who prays for her son! Pass it down, Faith & Prayer will and can get you through anything!

Thank you Jesus!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews