You want me to believe that this

World is a terrible place to exist in,

You want me to be afraid to take a step

Outside the comfort of the bricks and

Stones that together form my home, but

You also want me to count each breath

I take inside the warmth of these walls that

I am surrounded by, because these bricks and

Stones are not much for you to turn into

Mere rubble in a matter of seconds -

Seconds fewer than those I would need to

Begin to comprehend the damage in front of me,

And you want me to want everyone I love huddled

Around me, because if they're not, they could be the

Devastating story that I wake up to next day,

But then again, so could I, no matter where I am,

And you want me to want to pray every second of

Every day to the god I do not believe in, to every god,

In fact, even the ones I have not even heard of,

In hopes that perhaps that's what the world needs,

Some help from a being much more saner than us,

So that those that stand right in front of you can

Somehow disappear from this world altogether,

To a place where you don't exist,

But I don't believe in any god, or in any being

Who could save those that I'm afraid for, those that

I don't even know, and yet I pray,

I pray for those I know and those I don't,

I pray even as I sit numb from terror,

I pray, I pray, I pray, and I will continue to pray

If that's the only thing that I can do,

Because even while scared witless, I refuse to believe

That this world is a terrible place to live in.

Published by Mahima Kapoor