Hello Green Beauties, back again on my blog (I'm trying to be more constant, despite my job in real life) to share with you an amazing pre-poo recipe that I currently loving and that is saving my hair from summer perils. I'm sure that most of you have experienced how summer lifestyle trucks hard on hairs: sunbathes, chlorine, salty water and frequent washings may cause serious damages. Split ends and brittle hair are indeed a real threat during the summer months. My hair, in particular, has become seriously dry and almost straw-like, so I was in need for a strong cure to prevent further damages.

Playing around with pre-poo treatments I found out an old school recipe that has changed my hair.

The key ingredients of my beloved pre-poo mask are eggs!

Yess, eggs...Both egg yolk and white are full of proteins and vitamins (A, B, D and E) and are a real godsend for brittle and stressed hair! Plus eggs seems to be a potent ingredient for hair growth, thanks to the biotin molecule which is essential for hair growth. Also, regular use of pre-poo egg treatment can also make your locks thicker and shiner. 

Here's the pre-poo deep repairing hair mask


1 egg (yolk and white)

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of coconut oil (or whatever vegetable oil you fancy)

2 tbsp of your regular hair mask (this is an optional step, personally I like to add some sort of conditioner/hairmask to obtain a smoother and thicker texture)

Beat the egg and then add all the others ingredients. Apply on lengths and scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap or shower cap and leave for at least 30 minutes. The longer you leave the pre-poo treatments the better it works. Shampoo and condition as usual.


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