Just like so many women out there, my self-image is something I always seemed to struggle with. With all of the pressure from the media on what the “ideal woman” should look like, growing up wasn’t always so easy.

Ever since I was a little girl, my weight was always something I seemed to have difficulty with. In elementary school I was often teased because I was on the “rounders idea (whatever,  I was cute) . Looking back now, I am kind of glad it happened because it made me a lot tougher, that’s for sure. Going into junior high, I was at that awkward stage -where like a lot of “tweens”-  everything was kind-of sort-of finding it’s place.

(You know when you just started your periods and your body is going from a kid, to a young lady? Yeah, that WEIRD stage)

When I got to high school, it’s not like it got any easier… If it wasn’t one thing, it was the other… So I lost some baby weight over the summer from all the biking I did with my friends, being outside, adventuring and watching what I ate, but it never really seemed like enough; Kids were mean, everyone had their clicks, the older kids were mean to the younger kids, trying to fit in, bullying… anyway, all this to say high school wasn’t my fav and thanks to the kids from elementary school for giving me tough skin to hack it!

I’ve realized, every woman has their thing that they would change if they could, bigger boobs, plumped up lips, longer hair, a bigger butt- you name it- and even after all is said and done, most of the time there is always something else we would change if we could! It’s like it’s a women’s nature…All this to say, it was only until about over two years ago that I was finally confident and satisfied with myself and what I always struggled with, my weight.

Anyway, right before the holidays in winter of 2014  I finally met the kind of man I never thought I’d find and did he ever make me extremely happy unlike anyone else. (A feeling that hasn’t gone away yet may I mention!)

But like many couples trying to start their lives A LOT has changed since that time, our friends, our priorities, how we spend our free time. But the biggest change of all? In January of this year we found out we were pregnant and expecting!

Now THAT, was a shocker! (I was on birth control)

I didn’t know what to think at first. I didn’t know how I was going to tell my spouse, what his reaction would be or anything! None the less I had no clue how I was going to break the news to mom and dad.  I always did say I wanted to be married before kids. But after much thought and many conversations had, we knew we were HAVING A BABY.

I was really excited about becoming a mommy and going on this journey with no one else but him, except for one small detail… Feeling uncomfortable in my skin all over again and having to adapt to yet another change in my body and in my life (becoming a mom!) For the first couple of months it was okay I guess, I wasn’t super huge, my morning sickness went away, my hair looked awesome, I COULD STILL SLEEP ON MY TUMMY and didn’t retain much water but after 5-6 months, I started feeling it and i’ll tell you, not a feeling I LOVED… Not being able to sleep at night, cravings, fatigue, HORMONES (dear god the hormones and being emotional!). Then came 7, 8, 9 months, when on top of everything else your back starts to really hurt, your hands are numb when you wake up (totally normal by the way), your feet are swollen, you can’t see your toes, you wobble when you walk and you don’t feel that cute! But among all the things I disliked, came many things I really enjoyed and am very thankful for; feeling the baby kick and move, the hiccups, the ultrasounds, what looked like “waves” going on in my tummy, hearing the heartbeat, preparing the baby nursery, creating our “nest”, becoming closer with our families and so much more.

But to help make the downsides a little more bearable, there were little things I did to feel better about myself. I thought I’d share these with you if you’re expecting or know someone who is that can relate;

  • Epson Salts – For those days when my hands and feet were so swollen because of either the weather or the water weight, Epson Salts in a nice warm bath -not too hot, this is bad-  was a life saver, it really helped with the swelling.
  • Body Pillow – For all of the nights I could not sleep or woke up at all hours in pain (my pelvis and my back) the body pillow between my legs did just the trick!
  • Apples, Cherries & Oranges oh my! – The cravings sometimes were killer and if I would feed myself and my baby chocolate and candy every time I had a craving, i’d be eating crap ALL-THE-TIME, SOOOOO fruits it was; most specifically apples, cherries and oranges! (oh, and pop… pop became my best friend lol)
  • Speak out, express yourself – For all the times I became emotional and sensitive from my hormones being all over the place, I learned the best thing to do would be to speak about my feelings. It wasn’t always easy since i’m really not the best communicator, but my mom was my rock and helped me throughout most of it. This also brought me and my spouse closer than ever after all the times he’s been patient with me and made it a point to ask me what was bothering me so he could make it better. (I LOVE HIM)
  • Massage Please :) – When my back hurt, I would ask him to rub my lower back and it was a temporary fix to make my back feel better.
  • Straighten those arms out – Towards the end of my pregnancy (month 8 & 9+) I started waking up in the morning without any feeling in my hands. If this is happening to you, don’t worry about it! It’s completely normal, it’s the water build up in your system pushing on the nerves in your arms and hands and/or feet. I found that when I slept with my arms straightened out I would wake up with feeling vs. not.
  • Hair and make-up – I know not all women out there are into make-up (and to each their own), but being the beauty lover I’ve always been, I found that doing my hair and make-up during my day made me feel much better in my skin and about myself.
  • Shaving (I’ve heard some women find this difficult to do while pregnant, but if you can, DO)
  • At home individual eye-lash extensions , good up to two weeks and saves you the hassle of putting on mascara (I will write a post on how to apply these and my feedback on the product in the next month or so)
  • Manicures and Pedicures (I have an at home gel kit with UV light so I was able to do mine from home, made me feel that much better! Regular polish would do the trick also.)
  • Getting into a proper skin-care regime; Wash, Tone, Moisturize. (And what a difference this made on my complexion and it makes the face feel great)
  • Self-Tanner – Jergens Natural Glow Daily Tinted Moisturizer . (Probably one of my favourite self-tanners out there. I will also be blogging and reviewing this cream in the near future.)

Now 41 weeks+2 days pregnant (Yes, I am late!) I am at the very end of my pregnancy and days away from meeting our little prince. Pieces of myself, of the man I love and of the generations before us into one little human being, and we cannot wait. Of course I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared or nervous and who wouldn’t be! This is our first baby, my first time going through labour and I have no idea what to expect! (That part I don’t like so much).

Parenthood will be a huge adjustment for the both of us and a learning experience to say the least but i wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone else. And with the support of our families, of one another and by surrounding our family with good company, we will get adjusted and I know everything will be fine.

I will also be sharing some of my experiences and my new discoveries with you guys too, so make sure to follow my blog while I get back in shape, embrace my new mommy life, juggle being a good wife and mother while keeping happy,  healthy and staying positive!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your stories! 

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Published by Elissia Alexsandra