Here I am,
trying to write words that relate to my thoughts,
words that uplift my thoughts,
words that give meaning to my thoughts.
Here I am,
incapable of doing so.
Incapable of giving my thoughts flight,
incapable of making you understand the feeling.
The feeling of fright,
yet so delightful,
the feeling of being scared
and still having the guts to be careless.
Here I am,
starting to enjoy it,
trying to express it.
something stops me.
Maybe because,
some things are better when they are inside,
or, because some things make more sense when you can't explain it.
Or, maybe even because,
it makes me, ME.
It makes you, YOU,
and when there is a bridge that connects ME and YOU, it makes us, US.  

By: Neeti Sharma

Published by Neeti Sharma