President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu Announce Historical Middle East Peace Plan

On Tuesday, 28th 2020 amid an ongoing Impeachment Trial hoax in the U.S. Senate President Trump remained focused on establishing plans for Peace in the Middle East. With almost 11 months left in his first term, Trump has kept his momentum for accomplishing his agenda goals.

Despite relentless opposition to his agendas and polices, President Trump remains determined to secure a safe and prosperous American Republic that in turn fosters a safer mutually beneficial co-existence with other nations and humanity. President Trump seems to be moving full steam ahead in achieving his foreign policy incentive to tackle the stalest of deals or agreement in history. In his own words, Trump expressed a pledge to complete his election promises during his Middle East peace plan today with Netanyahu by stating, 

“I was not elected to do small things or shy away from big problems.”

With the world watching President Trump described briefly the eighty-page Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan that states detailed terms in which the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has agreed to accept. Trump describes the plan as a “big step towards peace” that offers an opportunity for a better life not only for Israeli’s but to the Palestine people as well. The deal outlines a “win-win” for both Israel and Palestine with an agreeable provision to establish a two statehood solution with the procurement of a conceptual map that outlines territory for both sides.

Although much more work must be done, today seals unprecedented historical progress in the ongoing challenge to solidify peace in the Middle East. President Trump’s plan is one that offers a superior mutual benefit to all nations involved. No other United States President has ever come close to securing such a deal and it is highly likely that peace in the middle east can and will be realized. President Trump spoke candidly of such a vision he has for peaceful co-existence in the Middle East in stating,

“All humanity should be able to enjoy the glory of the holy land this part of the world is forever connected to the human soul and the human spirit. These ancient lands should not be a symbol of conflict but eternal symbols of peace...we have an obligation to humanity to get it done.”

Hopefully, the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan establishes a sustainable amicable co-existence with its inhabitants but also among other nations and humanity. There is a great historical, religious value to the lands occupied in the Middle East that is indefinitely worth preserving. The recognition of a two-state solution may indeed put both sides on a pathway to securing national sovereignty and peace. There is no mistake that today just got brighter. Today now gloriously points to a new dawn for peace not only for the future of Israel but also for the people of Palestine. Indeed, now more than ever the world is watching.

Published by Naomi S. Gobern