I admit it, I have a horrible habit.

To be honest, its one that a lot of people have, its definitely not uncommon and I know countless people that partake in the act, but by far my habit is probably the worst of them all.

In my defence I only bite them when I am feeling particularly stressed or anxious, but nevertheless I am embarking on a journey to stop the horrible habit!

The habit in question is nail biting.

I know, I know. 

Its gross and makes my fingers look like nibbled on nibs of skin and nail. 

Its not a pretty look.

Sally Hanson Maximum Growth has been the treatment I have been using since I was pretty young and it has always helped stop me biting my nails. Not only does it taste bad, but subconsciously I don't tend to bite my nails when I have it on. It also helps to strengthen my nails and I have noticed an increase in growth and strength so thats a big plus!

Hopefully I can grow my nails to a decent length without biting them all off!

Do you guys bite your nails too? what tricks do you use to stop it?

Thank you so much for reading

Love Always

Jess xx

Published by Jessica Louise