Today I am feeling a little in the mood for a good cuddle. I have been working on this story for a while, and with a few finishing touches left to go, I am almost done. 

This is a story of a young girl who has a chance encounter with an English boy during a summer trip to England.

With each project, I always think that the story building inside of me is going to be easy. With this story, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Aveline is living a life that most of  us live. We try to please other people and forget about ourselves. Then once we think we break free from the control, we end up placing ourselves in a different circumstance that puts us under new control.  So, it is with shaking hands that I am sharing this preview with all of you! So please read and above all enjoy!

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Life demands to be original, even if you fight it. People can only push you and mold you for so long before you rebel. When you do rebel that is when life whispers to you, and you live.
Aveline Bennett has always done what her dad asks her. She became a nurse, bought a house, and never dated anyone he didn’t approve of.
Then three English boys come into her life and mix things up. One offers a comfortable friendship, one her father would approve of. The other offers her freedom that she has never experienced before. Soon Aveline is finding herself living a life she never imagined she could live. Is it everything she dreamed of or expected? And will it last?

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Published by Christina Queen