You know Amazon delivers in two hours, here in Richmond, right? There are a few catches, but yes.

The first catch is that you have to be an Amazon Prime member. Since we all are, already, that shouldn’t present a problem. The second catch is more substantial: the Prime Now selection is a fraction of the whole inventory. The keys for my Vespa and for its Kryptonite lock were the final straw; my keychain had gotten out of hand, and no ignition — be it Jetta or Vespa — deserved this. I bought an elegant keychain that lets me separate one key at a time, and is not a carabiner, slapping my hip with every step. (Bear with me; this story is relevant.) Ben’s keys are equally overbearing, so when my keychain proved functional, he wanted one. Every Amazon order I’ve placed in the last few months, I’ve forgotten that we are among the privileged few who get two-hour delivery; this time, though, I remembered. But we were going out, so I waited until we’d be home for a while. Then, I forgot, again. Days later, I was ready. Prime Now doesn’t carry my keychain. And I still haven’t placed the order.

What does Prime Now carry? “Prime Now offers 25,000+ items across 25 categories, including household items, groceries, electronics, gifts, seasonal items, and more.” (Per Prime Now’s “Learn More” page.) You can get your items delivered early morning to late evening, seven days a week. Pay $7.99 to get one-hour delivery, if the free two-hour delivery just won’t cut it.

You can place orders online, or from the Prime Now app, which is separate from the regular Amazon app: iTunesGoogle Play.

Published by Bethany Lansing