What I like about most successful people especially those who have lost businesses, or jobs, or projects before, usually they end up succeeding regardless of their previous losses. I don’t know if you have already read my article “Successful People Get Up Each Time They Fall,” if not, then I recommend it for you to read.

Just because you have lost your job, or your first business, or your leading project, it doesn’t mean you have also lost your skills, talents, expertise, or your key and most skilled people and employees you may still have, or your valuable connections and networks you have built so far. When such things happen, you can treat them as your prime time to make changes you need in your life. Even though it can be the scariest place and moment to be in, but it can be your most important time in your life to make decisions that are going to transforming your life for the better of course.

When you are in that level to be called by others that you are a successful person, a successful business, or organization, usually you already know who you are, and what you have because of who you have become already as an individual person, or business entity, maybe professional wise. You will realize that you haven’t lost everything. You still have got what it takes to build another business, or get another job, or figure out something else, and so on. You have knowledge that only can be learned through experiences that you have gone through so far. Knowledge to start, operate, or own your own business. You have knowledge that you have accumulated already about your industry, or career field. Knowledge and experience from your previous jobs and leading roles.

Even great people do fall sometimes. So, failure can be for everyone. But the difference is that great people get up after each fall, and try again, and again, until they succeed. In life, there are two things to expect; unforeseen failure, and unforeseen change. Is by trying things we figure out how far we can go, therefore we have to get out of the box. And when we do that, there is no guarantee we are going to win or lose. But often it’s worth the try. Life is about experiment. You need to keep experiment it until you get what you want or you are satisfied with the results you are getting.

Now, whether you play it safe or not, when change comes, it comes; we cannot avoid change in this life because it is inevitable. It’s because change is necessary for our growth; business, personal, or career growth. When change shows up, it has its purposes, and it can affect us in a good or bad way. But if it’s a good change, then it is what is required for us if we want to move forward and advance in life. It will be our wake up call.

When you lose your leading project in your organization, or your business, or your job, or you have found out your spouse want a divorce; basically all these kinds of things when they happen, they definitely require change from you. When it happens, what you have got to do before you move to something else is using the moment to be your prime time to welcoming the change that you need in your life. Meaning that if you wanted to make the change that you have been wishing and wanting all these years but you just couldn’t do it, then this will be your prime time that change has picked for you.

This will be your prime time maybe to do a relationship assessment you were supposed to do longtime ago before things went sour. Your time to figure out what went wrong, how can you make it right? Or maybe your prime time to find that better relationship that you deserve, or prime time to start creating boundaries, and re-evaluate your options. It also could be time to start loving yourself and do your own self-assessment; prime time to discover what you really want in life, and from your relationships.

But also in your other areas or aspects of life, such as career and business, this would be such a great opportunity to do assessments on your career and professional life, or business. Where do you see yourself going? This will be your prime time to analyze your business goals and direction. If you didn’t like your previous jobs, your prime time would be to find your true passion, or maybe change career. If you had dreams to start your own business, or you have been saving money to travel around the world, this will be your opportunity. Perhaps time to figure out what do you want to do for the rest of your life.

If you think there are no jobs to suit your qualifications and expectations, then create one for yourself. If you don’t want to work for someone else anymore, this is your prime time to execute those plans you have made for your next business invention. If you have felt before that God has called you to start your own ministry in your near future, then this will be your prime time to regular spend time with God and ask for clarity and help for you to start your own ministry.

I have seen in few organizations that I have worked with before creating job positions for high-skilled people so that they could keep them until something meaningful comes up, or when they find another project. It’s because they know how valuable some of the key talented people they have. And in order to keep them on payroll, they have got to find something for them to do temporary until they find something better where they can place them. But I have also seen these organizations hiring consultants from outside for some of the job positions. If you think nobody is interested to hire you, then hire yourself; you still have got the skills, talents, and expertise. You can start your own consulting business, your own startup or organization, and et cetera.

We have one life to live the life we want, and at some point in our lives we have to decide what we actually want. We can move beyond our fear of change to find opportunities in challenging times. And we don’t have to wait for opportunities to come to us; we can basically make them ourselves.

Published by Helen Majaga