Sotd: rockstar - post malone. Disappointed to say I only found this got released after hearing it on someones Snapchat - post made mad fire tho.

So I'm in London for imperial open day and yeah so there was another bombing on the tube yesterday. Tiny little thing and I don't think anyone died but for a kid who lives in a city where I've heard of one person being murdered all the time I've been there still scary.

My dad didn't really want to come but I'm a cheapskate and wasn't gonna waste that plane money plus y'know day 2 its probably safer than normal.

And its all fine until I get on the tube and this Muslim guy gets on and sits beside me. He's got his hat kippeh thing and had robes on and this huge jacket and that was terrifying.

I'm definitely not racist, everyone's pretty chill and people of all colours are dicks but Jesus I was shitting myself and I got the mad fear. I had planned to sleep but decided to read a book whilst occasionally glancing over.

It's fine, it's pretty chill, I'm just overexaggerating and I start settling down. Then he pulls out a phone and starts reading some Arabic texts and then I start to shit myself again.

My life kinda flashes before my eyes, I consider whether or not I'd mind dying now, it wouldn't be the worst time to die to be honest. Then I reconsidered, fuck this haha I'm not dying today. So yeah I get that scared guy feeling and honestly I'm shitting myself and start counting down the tube stops till we can get off.

He gets off a few stops later and I have never felt more relief in my life.

So yeah that's the story of the day, that I turned into this scared, stereotyping guy. I suppose once you see something you're not used to, reading something you can't understand you begin to get scared and with the whole bombing thing yesterday I was on edge.

So crisis averted, sorry to that random guy on the tube that i kept giving you weird looks.

Published by Kevin Li