download-1My aunt told me once, “you have to kiss many, MANY frogs before you find your prince” and she wasn’t lying. How long am I supposed to keep kissing frogs, though? My mom is always telling me I’m young and to worry about boys later. I don’t think mom realizes the only thing young about me is my age. She was shocked when I told her I prefer older men, but understood when I explained why and said it's because I had to grow up early. If it were up to mom I’d be with someone in their late 20’s, I told her I didn’t see that happening and I might have spoken too soon.

The main problem I have with younger boys is their indecisiveness and immaturity. I refuse to be with someone who wants to go out to parties all the time, hang out, play games, and bullshit around. Where are your priorities? What are you bringing to this relationship besides yourself? What are your goals and what are you doing to meet them? Don’t waste my time or put me through shit, especially when you have nothing to offer. I’m not perfect, there’s a lot of changing and better I can do myself, but I have potential. I’m worth the time, effort, training, I'm worth waiting for!

I want to build a future with someone who wants to contribute because there’s no eating atimages.jpg my table if you didn’t bring anything to it. Let’s work on bettering ourselves, let’s build our credit and plan to buy a house, OWN a house. Not have matching outfits and go to hang out with your friends. I’m not saying it has to be all work no play when I trust you. I need to know you aren’t out there acting a fool, so if I can’t trust you to do that I don’t want you. Respect me, don’t have me looking stupid because I’d never do that to you.

Communication is BIG with me, I need to know that I can talk to you whenever about whatever. For someone to listen to me, get me, and respond to me is a blessing. I sat on the phone with a friend for 1 hour and 52 minutes last night, it would have been longer but someone came over. I’m not one to sit on the phone and talk yet there was not one moment of silence. He’s been asking me over the past couple of days if I needed or wanted to talk and reminds me he’s there if or when I decide I do.

We were discussing me being feisty, or “savage” as he calls it when I mentioned not settling when it comes to dating because no one’s going to settle and date me. He agreed, influencing my sudden conclusion that I may be alone forever. He denied that ever happening so I had to inform him that no one wants my ass.

“Not true, the person on the other end of the phone does but I guess that doesn’t mean anything”

UGH! We’ve known each other how long and you just now saying something??!!

Published by ShylahBoss Lee