Growing up in the age of huge technological advances, I'm sure we have all heard the spiel about printed books and other media becoming a thing of the past. When e-readers, such as the Kindle or Nook, became popular, many readers heard from both readers and nonreaders alike that physical printed books would soon be no more. 

This is not, and will not, be the case. 

Not only is there a difference in the entire experience between holding a physical book rather than reading on an e-reader, but bookworms will not allow the print book to die. With new technology comes new ways to read, but also more ways to share one's love of reading. Instagram and Youtube both have huge communities of bookworms who share photos and videos of printed books. Though e-readers are featured, the number of printed books shown is significantly higher. Being a part of the Bookstagram community, I have seen over and over that readers usually prefer to have a physical copy of a book. 

Readers indulge in the smell of a new book, the feel of the pages, and the beauty of cover art whenever a new book is purchased. Photographing beautiful covers alongside aesthetically-pleasing backgrounds and props is a huge part of the bookish Instagram community, which also draws in new readers to previously unknown novels and increases hype for new releases. Authors, whether self-published or with an established publisher, have found Instagram to be an excellent way to showcase their work and increase their audience. 

I know I'm not alone in the unending love for printed books, and though I do read on a Kindle, e-books just can't compare. 

What are your thoughts on the printed versus e-book debate? Is it even worth debating about with endless personal preferences of one or the other? 

Published by April Soller