The black shadow on the wall forces itself inside my head

A drumbeat of darkness moves within my being.

The voice of Axeki, the spirit monster, leaves me with dread,

as bars slam in my face and limit the world I am no longer seeing.

Her voice comforts and sings to me,

Her lullaby becomes my constant companion, it beckons my soul,

ironically allowing it to move and to be free

testing the limits of my torture, pushing the boundaries of my self control.

Her lullaby awoke within me, a spiritual revival;

breaking out; joyous at my new found liberation.

Finally blessed, Walking the Red Road, a book that did not come out of The Bible,

something that led to my soul's humble separation. 

Freeing me from my own personal bondage was a rewarding task.

Keeping me alive and away from Axeki is all I ask. 

Published by Kristen Debler