I am truthfully a pro at procrastination! I will find every little stupid thing to do, only so that I don't have to do my university papers and it is so bad, I cannot even start to explain how bad it can get. But I am getting better at starting and trying to go through the painful experience that is writing an essay or some kind of paper for university.

I learned to make a list for myself that I have to go though when I have those papers to write, so that I will get to it and over with. 
I would like to share that little list with you so if you have the same problem as me. I hope that it can be useful to you too.

  1. Planning is the way to do it! 
    I usually make a to do list of all the things that I have to get to. Like finding articles, writing the introduction, analysis, discussion and check for mistakes. The best feeling of course is when you can check the things of the list and I really feel proud of myself when I can see the list is getting smaller.
  2. Start easy and early! 
    Don't stress too much, start early in the process so that you dont' have to write the whole paper in one day! That is truly the worst thing and I have done it a couple of times and trust me, it never ends well. Therefore the sooner you start the easier it is and the better will the endproduct be. If you start early you you will not have to stress so much about this and this leads us to the next point. 
  3. Take breaks!
    It is very important to take those breaks and have a little time to breathe without having to think about the paper. You can take a break and go for a little walk or you can drink a cup of coffee or tea and just realx your brain. Maybe even talk to someone about random things, so that you 100% relax and don't think about the paper.
  4. Eat and drink well!
    DO NOT forget to eat and drink! It is very important for you and your brain to function. It will make your work better and you will have more energy to go on and you will get new and good ideas. So EAT and DRINK people! Combine eating with your little break if you don't have a lot of time to do your task. 

    And the most important thing is:
  5. Don't be to hard on yourself!
    It's okay to have a hard time to begin writing the paper and not really know how to start. It's okay to make mistakes. Perfectionism and fear of failure are often the things that start procrastination. And therefore we try to find other things to do so that we don't have to start with something that we may fear. 

    I am like that! I am often afraid that I won't be able to do it well enough or that I think that I can't do it, so I try to keep busy with other things... But an essay is a procces and fortunately when we write something like that we can always go back and look through it and see if there are mistakes before we hand the paper in. 

    A great thing to do is to get a friends to read it though, especially if it's a longer paper, and you have been working on it for a couple of days and reread it many times. Then it's easier to not notice the small mistakes, therefore it can be better to get someone else to read it and maybe correct the mistakes or tell you where they are so you can look at it again and know what kind of mistakes you make so you know what to focus on. I usually do this and it helps a lot!

Published by Elma Omukic