Hey there guys! I have been so not on social media for the past week or so, I was at camp and for some reason they had this rule of no phones outside of the cabins so I couldn't really use my phone, if I did I either had to be super sneaky about it, or just you know use it at the cabin and I was like never in my cabin so... yeah. Anyway! For this weeks post, I am giving you guys a product review of a drugstore product. I hope you enjoy, and lets get started!

In no way shape or form am I being sponsored to share this product with you guys. No payment for my review from this company! I just genuinely enjoy this product!


Okay! So I came across this product from my sister, who has been trying out different makeup products for quite some time now, and I was telling her that the powder I was using from Cover Girl was giving me a tint to my face and I wasn't exactly excited about it, especially for the winter months when I like to embrace my inner paste white skin tone. She had recommended the Maybelline Master Fix Loose Translucent Powder, and guys as soon as I bought it and applied my makeup and then put this on, and oh my gosh! It made my skin so soft to the touch on my face and I'm not gonna lie, I had the most difficult time ever trying to keep my hands off my face so I wouldn't wipe it away, it's that smooth to touch!

As I have been using this product, the only, and I mean only problem I have found that that if you use too much when setting your powder, it goes everywhere. Like today, I was going to set the concealer on my face and I used my powder brush from real techniques, and I was wearing a nice black tank top; and well, it went all over my tank top so now I have some dull white spots on it. But that's not the point, the point is that a little goes a long way with this product.

I would have to truthfully say that this product is a fantastic alternative to the higher end loose powders that you would find at Sephora, or similar stores. You can pick this little guy up at Walmart for $7.59!


That's it for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed reading, and maybe even thinking about purchasing this product from your nearest walmart, or target. Until next time! - Coral

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