Hey there! So, if you are coming from my wordpress blog then, you might have already seen this post, but if not, then let me tell you something, the products mentioned in the post are just certain products from different companies I personally would not ever repurchase for good reasons. That doesn't mean I hate, or dislike the company, it just means that this particular product was definitely not my favorite. On that note, lets get started!


This first product is their eyelid primer; I use to love this stuff, like two years ago and now it just seems like you can really only get one use out it and then it dries out and the applicator is horrible; it's very stiff and there's not a whole lot of movement.

The next product is their 'Moisturized Makeup Removing Wipes'. These are so bad, at least to me. Mind you, when I bought these I didn't exactly read the packaging and didn't noticed that it said moisturized, so I just thought, oh cool 3 or 4 dollar makeup wipes from E.L.F that's a great price. I was so horribly wrong! It took me so long to finish this product, that every time I would use it, I had to go ring out the excess moisture.

My two final products for this company revolve around concealers. First being their concealer brush, it is extremely stiff and really small, it doesn't do that good of a job - yet I still have the brush in my makeup drawer). Second being their concealer sticks, I really don't wanna rag on this product because it was my first makeup product, but with my growth in makeup I have realized that there is this wonderful thing known as skin tone, and well this concealer only comes in one shade and unless you are blessed with naturally darker skin, like a little darker than ivory white, then go ahead and use this product, but for my I really only use concealer during the school year to cover up my under eyes and eyelids - stupid dark circles - and this was just never in my shade because well they only ever had one shade.

We can all equally agree that even if we love a certain company, there will always be flaws with some of their products. This first product is the 'Fit Me Foundation' I can honestly say, I have never disliked a foundation so much. It is the runniest - not sure if that's a word - foundation ever. Personally, I enjoy a nice liquid foundation, but this just has too much of that liquid consistency for me.

This other product, I'm not positive if it's discontinued or not, but it's their 24 hour concealer. What I mostly look for in a concealer is how it applies. Like is it too rough, or it is too soft? With this concealer, the applicator was definitely too rough. After wearing the concealer for a couple of hours, this product would definitely crease up and not look good. Yes, I understand that some makeup will crease up as the day progresses, but this was too much.

--Cover Girl--
I'm not entirely certain what the name exact name is, but it's their foundation that has a brown cap. This straight up smells like herbs, and I don't mind the smell of herbs but this is incredibly strong. I did try to give this foundation a try, but it was just not working for me, and it was only the smell that made me hate this product. When I had decided that I didn't like it, there was still over half of the bottle left, so I gave it to my little sister so she could have some foundation.


Thank you so much for reading this small type rant, thing. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any products that you dislike, leave them in the comment section below and we can rant about them together. Until next time! - Coral

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