Here I'm going to share my thoughts on the products I used in the recent challenge I did. If  you're not aware of what I'm talking about, you can read my previous post Highlighter Only Challenge and watch the youtube video, to be on pace with this post!

As I mentioned previously, I picked out only 5 products. Although it's "highlighter only", I believe any product that has a shimmer can be used as one, be it an eyeshadow pot, pigments, lip paints yada yada. And that's what I did. Now let me take you through each product in the same order as used.

Nyx Cosmetics Born to glow liquid illuminator "Gleam"

My Opinion: The color that I used is a golden peachy shade. On my brown skin (fair olive-ish) it definitely does give a bronze-peachy effect. It's a very light product with a subtle glow, giving a natural healthy look rather than the full glam highlight. You need to pack on a few layers to make it pop a lot, but it's something I'd use during the day with light makeup. Having extremely dry skin, I noticed that the product didn't blend well and looked a bit patchy, so it took a while to blend it all while softening with moisturizer. Good for a dewy, radiant look on a well moisturized face.

Application: Efficient when applied with a soft brush subtly blending into skin. Does not work well when applied with fingers

Price: Approx. AED 30 ($7.50) I received this from the nyx arabia face awards goody bag, so I don't know the exact price.

Where to find it? It's available at all Lifestyle stores

Gerard Cosmetics Star powder "Marilyn" (PC:

My Opinion: I absolutely love this product. It's a very creamy powder with a golden shade which is perfect for all skin tones and types to give the bomb highlight. You can build it from soft to bright. Easy to carry size with a mirror, helps you touch up your glam on the go. The plastic hinged cover is very inconvenient though. You have to open the flap of the product completely to be able to open the second plastic flap and then you can use the product. Mine broke off within 1 weeks use! But it was not very necessary so it doesn't quite bother me. The product is a must have.

Application: It works well with whatever method you like. For a soft glow I use my finger, otherwise I like to use a brush (Real Techniques setting brush) and go over the highlight a couple of times to make it strong.

Price: $36.00

Where to find it? It's available for purchase on their website. Unfortunately, they don't have a store here (Dubai/UAE), neither have I come across any local resellers yet.

MAC Cosmetics Pigment "Blue brown"

My Opinion: One of my fav pigments. Love the dual shade. Super pigmented and soft. It's great for creating classic to artsy eye looks. And if you're more of a neutral shades person and are afraid to try colors, this product is a great one to start with. It's still brown with a hint of color under light.

Application: Personally, I like dabbing this on softly with my fingertip. But you can also use a dry flat brush (preferably synthetic), and intensify the pigment by spraying setting spray over the brush and applying.

Price: AED 110 (I bought this a while ago, the price must've changed)

Where to find it? It's available at any MAC store (Dubai mall, DCC, MCC, DFC, MOE, BurJuman)

Motives Cosmetics Mineral eye shadow pigment "Rust"

My Opinion: When I first came across the product, to be honest, I wasn't keen on buying it. But then I won this pot from an Instagram giveaway hosted by motives cosmetics themselves, and I am so glad that I did, 'cause it is a great pigment to add the perfect metallic glow to the eyes. The color comes on well, and is a good shade to have in your "basic must have" shadow colors.

Application: For this one, I use it the same way as I would for the mac pigment. Softly dabbing with fingertip or a dry flat synthetic brush.

Price: $22.50

Where to find it? It's available to buy on their website.

Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam radiant dust "Light Gold"

My Opinion: This one's my personal fav for the days I want to shine. The color is so perfect for my brown skin, and it has tiny speckles of glitter too. I use it on my face, hands and legs! It very softly blends into the skin and looks natural giving a great glow and highlight for face and body. If being a glow queen is your thing, this product is something you most definitely should try. Also, paired with its partner which is a cream based radiance, it makes it all the more better.

Application: I like to dip my finger right into the pot and gently dab/slide on face. Whereas, for the body, I sprinkle it on the areas i want to highlight using the sifter, and then softly rub it with my fingers.

Price: $25.00 (sample set of 4 colors, as in picture), $59 (for 1oz jar)

Where to find it? It's available to buy on their website.

House of Beauty  Lip Hybrid "Shady lady"

My Opinion: I like the uniqueness of the lip paint to be in a small pot, it's easy to carry, but you always have to have a brush too to apply, which makes it inconvenient for touch ups. The color comes on in one swipe of the brush (as you may have seen in the youtube tutorial) which is incredible. What put me off though, was the texture and fragrance of the lip hybrid. As soon as I opened the jar, there was a strong fragrance quite similar to that of eye lash glue. The texture was waxy and sticky (again reminding me of the half dried lash glue 'cause it smelled like it too) and having this on the lips was not very comfortable. I was mostly afraid that I'd lick some of it and swallow it, but the sticky texture of the product always delayed the separation of my lips. Specially since my lips were chapped at the time I applied, they were just stuck. Not so happy with this product, and not something I'd use for long hours. The color, however, is something I always wanted in my collection, and I'd wear it for short duration events.

Application: With a lip brush.

Price: $14.00

Where to find it? It's available to buy on their website.

And that's all with my honest ranting! Hope this was helpful for you all. If you have any requests for makeup looks and product reviews, feel free to drop your comments below.

Have a great day!

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