2E Electrical is well worth looking at if you are thinking about starting a new business within the electrical field. The effort that has been put into putting across clear and concise messages showing quality, care, and customer service is remarkable. What’s more is when you look at the reviews 2E Electrical have received both on their website and social media, then you will know you have a business model that is well worth following if you want your electrical business to be successful.

The company is a professionally driven electrical firm located in the Hamilton area. With a strong emphasis on customer service, 2E Electrical have almost 1000 repeat customers. Local businessman and 2E Electrical owner Damian May is building a reputation of honesty, reliability and trust by offering quality services which fit within each client’s financial constraints.

No job is turned down; they take all work to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, if you’re a single house owner with a small wiring job, a building manager on a tight budget or a construction company requiring large fit-outs or HVAC services; 2E Electrical, a certified Hamilton Electric company, understands the professional needs and financial constraints of each customer. For example:

  • Property managers are usually working to tight budgets
  • Builders need to keep costs to an agreed quote with their clients
  • Homeowners may be using hard-earned savings for their electrical work

With this in mind, 2E Electrical provide you with a range of solutions that suit any budget and give each customer the exact price before work begins. Each contract they promise a reliable, friendly and convenient experience. At 2E Electrical the team strive to offer the best service in Hamilton by keeping to a strict set of values:

  • There will be no tardiness or excuses, just honest work
  • A quality team of dependable tradesmen
  • Our livelihoods are in providing the best and most professional electrical services possible
  • They believe professional teamwork creates excellence
  • They believe in respecting each and every customer and their properties, belongings
  • Every problem is seen as a challenge to prove their abilities

So what else do they promise as part of their professional service which has seen them grow a network of repeat customers in the Hamilton area?

Damian and his team strive to:

  1. Offer Flexible Scheduling
  • Friendly first-point employees will assist your every need
  1. A quality service everytime
  • They have over 60 years’ experience in providing electrical work
  1. Workmanship Assurances
  • Over two years guarantee for each job
  1. Any Job is doable
  • Flexible and prepared for any job

Damian claims that there is nothing they can’t handle, but with so much experience in every facet of the industry, you can understand his confidence. Before starting the business in 2009 Damian had over 15 years’ experience in all kinds of electrical engineering roles:

  • Mining
  • Apartment buildings
  • Bakery and butchery equipment
  • Home engineering
  • Site foreman
  • Service engineer
  • Project manager

So with years of perfecting his trade and a team or qualified and experienced electricians with him, 2E Electrical offer a large range of skilled jobs:

  • Residential Building and renovations
  • Residential maintenance
  • Commercial Fit-outs
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Home Ventilation Systems
  • Heat Pump Installations

You can visit their website at https://2eelectrical.co.nz and read the many testimonials written by previous customers. 

Published by Harris Scott