Oh the coveted progress report, we all remember these from Jr. High and High School. That white rectangular sheet of paper that had 6 to 7 slots, depending on how many classes or periods your had, for each teacher to jot down the current grade that you were holding, score your participation and scribbley write a brief description, if so chosen, on your behavior. By the end of the school day several signatures sealed your educational fate. Now I'm not sure how often you may have gotten a progress report signed and sealed, but as for me it was every Friday due to the A.V.I.D. class I took in 8th grade. When High School slammed in it went down to only my sophomore year, second semester when I purposely earned myself a D in English. Long story.

Anyways, while the song I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy and all I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me (insane title for a song, but I love it) and the second verse talks about missing home.

"They call kids like us vicious and carved out of stone, but for what we've become we just feel more alone, always weigh what I've got against what I left, so progress report I am missin' you to death..".                -Fall Out Boy

This got the cogs spinning, if you were to fill out a progress report with the classes being replaced with the different areas of your life, what would you grade yourself? What grade would you give for participation and what comments would you scribble down? Is your life running smoothly or are there a few areas that could use some attention? I myself have some difficulties with this theory that I've plotted out because that means admitting that there are indeed areas that need tending to, areas that I have left on the back burner for probably too long. God, as I type this blog I feel as though I'm putting life under a microscope. I never said this was a breezy question, gettin' a bit deep tonight.

A part of me just wants to write down A's in every spreadsheet box and write down all good comments, but then I'd be a hypocrite or a fraud, maybe both. Ok, here we go.... life's progress report...

Career.... ?  B+  Family...? A-   Friends... ? A  Love life... ? F  Personal life (you)... ? C+

What's your progress report look like?


Published by Derra Sabo