Your heart is racing, sweat still dripping down your face and your back, your legs feel like they are going to buckle and you are slithering up the 2 flights of stairs to exit the building whilst holding on to the banister… I just came out of a hard session at Project Fit.

I was bored of my usual gym routine and was losing motivation and the push to work harder every time I went. So I decided to explore what else there is out there that will give you that push to really make my work out, an actual work out.

HIIT was something I was intrigued to try out. I read and heard that you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 45-60 minute session and an effective way to give you that push, in an intensive way, during your work out session. I discovered Project Fit through word of mouth and looked it up and signed up for a 60 minute session. Here’s how I got on.

I buzzed in and entered the building, there were stairs leading to various offices, it kind of reminded me of a Dentists’ office. I walked down the 2 flights of stairs and the lining of the stairs had changed to a dark grey and you saw a wall with the words ‘You VS Your Body’. It was going down, this was serious.


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I approached the reception and was greeted by Ben, Co-Founder of Project Fit, signed in and told Ben that this was my first session. A large and small towel was given to you before you proceed to get changed and ready.

There are lockers in the reception area as well as a bar area for water and coffee and mirrors to sort your hair and face out. The changing rooms are compact but enough for a full class of 18 people (some people head straight out without showering so it's just a short wait for the shower if you needed one). Hair dryers are also provided.

I went into the work out area and saw the floor area with benches and weights lined up on the second level and on the second level, were a row of treadmills. Ben took the newbies aside and explained how the session works as it did look overwhelming. He explained that for the first 10 minutes, the newbies would start on the ground and after the 10 minutes, we would move onto the treadmills for the next 10 minutes and switch again until the 60 minutes were up.


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The Intervals

On the floor level after a quick warm up of knee ups on the benches, we took medium weights and did various exercises working on your arms, back and chest; bicep curls, triceps, press ups, lunges. I’m not very strong in my upper body strength especially for lifting weights and sweat was already dripping down my face in the first few minutes.

After 10 minutes we moved onto the treadmills and started out on either level 8, 10, 12, a nice comfortable jog, then Ben shouted to move the level up to 10, 12, 14 then 12, 14, 16 for this ‘warm up’ on the treadmills I started on the lower level as I wanted to pace myself to see how intense this intense work out was. The incline levels were also shouted out to increase to 2, 3.5, 5 and so on. Each interval was around 1 to 1 and a half minutes long for 10 minutes (although it felt longer than that!), then we switched to the floor again doing similar exercises using the weights, squats and chest work.

At this point I was drenched in sweat, my face had dripped off my head, eyebrows… gone, concealer… gone, but luckily I had my ‘Super’ waterproof mascara on which doesn’t budge when wet. But you will leave the place with a nice pink glow on your face as your body cools down and starts its recovery.

In total, exercises between the floor and the treadmills would switch usually 3 times in a 60 minute session and with the various exercises on the floor and the intense intervals on the treadmill, you will definitely be working on a full body work out.

With this session with Ben, I was aching pretty badly for 3 days after, because I don’t do a lot of weights and this made the aches just that extra painful (it was a good pain though!). The next day walking and changing through the tube system on my commute to work was an interesting one, so give yourself an extra 5 minutes the next day as you will be walking like a crab, and slowly.

I've attended 3 sessions now and have started to see some results, my memory muscles have started toning up and along with healthier eating, I already feel lighter.

All in all, Project Fit is addictive and if you need that extra push for your work out and don’t mind someone telling you what to do, then I would definitely recommend this!

Get sweaty and enjoy!
Nat xx

Project Fit: 36-38 Cornhill, London EC3V 3NG
Around 48 sessions a week

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