Physical love outside the will of God is a shadow of the intimacy God designed.

The ease at which physical love is expressed in this culture cheapens what God desires for that love.

You can do nothing better for your future partner than to present yourself pure, showing that person the respect you have had for yourself and your body through all of the temptation life presents to us. That person is getting a gift that has never been given.

As physical activity, even only a caress, becomes so common in culture we are deadened to what it means to a holy God.

This culture panics at the thought of only having one physical partner for the rest of their lives. I challenge that thought and ask one to consider the awesomeness of belonging to that person and them to you. Allowing your spirit and theirs to mingle into one and then allowing the Holy Spirit to fill in the missing pieces as the gaps show themselves.

The bible talks of one flesh. Before we approach one flesh we must glorify God as one spirit. I feel one flesh is not only a physical expression of love but also the representation of God’s design to this ‘world of flesh.’

Published by Thomas Hopkins