As a local traveler, I had traveled different places here in the Philippines and like other travelers, I had to admit that I never thought of exploring my own province. Traveling gives me that kind of fulfillment that keeps the fire burning, keeping the passion of seeing new places, meeting new people, and most of all doing what I love most. I really intended to make my own weekly travels as much as I could. When I heard about this beach escapade that our office was planning, I had to look at my schedule whether if I’m available at that given date. Thank God it was scheduled 2ndSunday of January. But the most interesting part was when I learned that the beach that we are going to explore was the beautiful paradise of Pagbilao, the renowned “Puting Buhangin,” the Cuevang Lampas of Quezon Province.


View going to Cuevang Lampas

Puting Buhangin or Lukang Beach (derived from the name of its previous owner) was something I looked forward to visit. Based on what I have heard from my friends and family, the said beach is really a paradise. The said beach was known for its white sands and crystal clear water.


Puting Buhangin

It was January 10, Sunday morning when I packed my things for our beach escapade. As usual, I was late again. It was a total of 1 hour and 14-minute drive from 7 Eleven Quezon Avenue St., Lucena City to Pagbilao Grande Island.

Going to Puting Buhangin, we have to ride a boat to get to the other side of the island, it was a 5-minute boat ride and an estimated 8 to 15 minutes of trekking from drop-off point going to the said beach. As we were walking the island, you can see an up-close view of the beautiful tower of Team Energy’s famous lighthouse. As you walk towards the tower, you can see the ranging rapids of Team Energy’s water spillway.


Team Energy’s Lighthouse & Spillway

After a short trek, you’re going to notice a fence enclosing the premises. Different rate applies whether if you go on a day tour or overnight stay at the place. Tents are available for rent in case if you did not brought one. Don’t expect for any electric supply. Besides, it is best to experience things far from the usual.

Of course, after all the long drive what can be more rewarding than eating? It was a sumptuous meal for all of us. Because we only have a day to enjoy the place, I immediately proceed to the famous Cuevang Lampas with some of my officemates.

I was amazed by the beach’s crystal clear water and powdery sand that blanket its natural beauty. The place was majestic in every way, here are some shots from Puting Buhangin:

It was hot that day but it didn’t stop us to explore the area. One of my officemates tag along to explore the other side of the beach. Actually there was nothing much but we found these giant rocks:

Beaching is not complete without soaking ourselves in the water. It’s swimming time!

But the most memorable part was the bond you made with the place and the people you were with.DSC_0721

Thank you guys! Thank you Cuevang Lampas, til we meet again!


The WeakEnd Warrior


Published by Jeffrey Antaran