After knowing about the disadvantages of ethanol fireplaces and deciding to live with them, it is now time to know about the advantages of ethanol fires. Are you looking for a functional, safe and better source of heat? If the answer is a big yes, then it is good to look for an ethanol fireplace. The good news is that you can get a good ethanol fireplace easily from a certified supplier.


Benefits of ethanol fires

Does not need a chimney

An ethanol fireplace does not require a chimney to remove smoke or soot as denatured ethanol often burns completely meaning that it does not produce carbon monoxide or smoke. In fact, ethanol fireplaces are becoming more and more popular because they don’t produce smoke or soot.

This is what has made them more popular than traditional fireplaces which produce smoke and soot. Another benefit is that you will not have to look for someone to put up a chimney hence saving you money. Apart from the floor models, most of the ethanol fireplaces out there are portable meaning that you can carry it from one room to another. For instance, you can carry it to your balcony or bedroom if you want.

Does not produce dangerous fumes

Unlike other fireplaces which use wood or coal for fuel and produce carbon monoxide/dioxide, ethanol fireplaces don’t produce these dangerous fuels as ethanol burns completely and often produces very little vapor and carbon dioxide.

The best thing is that you can reduce the percentage of carbon dioxide by using the ethanol fireplace in a well-ventilated room. This is because of the fact that there is enough oxygen in the room.

No ashes or residue

Many people are now choosing ethanol fireplaces over other fireplaces mainly because they don’t produce any soot or ashes. When ethanol burns, it only produces vapor and very little amount of smoke. The fact that ethanol fireplaces don’t produce any soot can be beneficial especially to those people suffering from allergies. It can also be beneficial to those who suffer from COPD can or asthma.

Easy to use

An ethanol fireplace is easy to set up and use. This is because of the fact that you only need a bottle full of ethanol, a long lighter, and the burner and you are ready to use your ethanol fireplace. On the other hand, setting up a traditional fireplace is complicated and you also have to look for coal or chops of wood to use it.

And you know what? It is possible to place some of the ethanol fireplaces on top of a table. Just check out these amazing fireplace options for ideas. In fact, an ethanol fireplace is the best alternative for traditional fireplaces.



Just like anything out there, ethanol fireplaces are not perfect. It is good to know the cons of these fireplaces so that you don’t end up being disappointed. The cons include the following:

It often generates low amounts of heat

Although ethanol fireplaces give out heat, they produce heat that is not enough to keep a whole house warm. According to experts, ethanol fireplaces only provide 3kW of heat (the equivalent of a radiator). A traditional stove, on the other hand, can produce more heat that can keep a house warm.

It burns

It is shameful how many people are oblivious to the fact that ethanol fireplaces burn. If there is anything to respect about any fireplace, it is the fact that the flame burns and this could be dangerous if taken for granted. An ethanol fireplace should be treated just like any other fireplace and all precautionary and safety measures should be taken when using it.

Cup burner systems also consume energy

Don’t trust that salesperson when he or she tells you that you can use the ethanol fireplace in a closed room. For the fuel to ignite and continue burning, it needs oxygen. Therefore, it would be risky to use an ethanol fireplace in a closed room as you would be competing for oxygen with the fireplace. Open a door or window to enable fresh air to enter the room when using an ethanol fireplace.

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Published by Alexander Dance