Long gone are the days when a helicopter ride was a luxury reserved only for the rich. Today, many people can have access to helicopters through affordable tours and rental companies. These tour and rental companies allow them to have the time of their lives even when they are on a budget. However, just like it is the case with everything else in this world we call home, helicopter tours come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Let's begin with the pros:

The Pros of Helicopter Tours

Helicopters don't need a runway.

The best thing about helicopter tours is the fact that they don't need a runway. The latter means you can either be picked or dropped off from just about anywhere as long as there is an adequate landing space. So whether you are on some island in the middle of the ocean or at the top of some building, the chopper will get to you as long as it has a helipad.

You'll enjoy different movements.

One of the many things that make helicopter tours unique relies exclusively upon the chopper's ability to fly at different angles. A seasoned pilot will have no problems flying forward, backward, sideways, and even vertically and horizontally; all depending on the direction you desire to go. The latter will come in handy, especially when you want to either have a closer look or move further away for the perfect aerial view. Helicopters can also do flips in the air, though it's probably not going to ever happen on any helicopter tour for safety reasons.

Helicopters are super fast!

Choppers make for the best tours because of how easy it is for them to cover long distances as opposed to tours conducted by road. With chopper rides, you'll never have to worry about heavy traffic and all the hustle that comes with that. If anything, you'll almost always be fly over hills and mountains with ease, enjoying the breathtaking views as you glide towards your destination at the speed you're comfortable with.

Choppers are way more private.

Aren't you just sick and tired of being rammed up with strangers in a bus that's way too stuffy to enjoy the experience? If the latter seems to be the case, then the chopper rides will serve you right as long as you can afford one. Besides offering you fantastic views (thanks to its amazingly large windows), only a few people will be allowed on board. The latter is what makes it perfect for close friends and family. So the next time you find yourself in Brisbane and need of a chopper tour, don't hesitate to call helicopter Tours Bekaa Air Brisbane.

The Cons of Helicopter Tour

The affordability concern

Although many can comfortably afford Helicopter rides, there are still many who can't. The latter is despite the existence of incredibly affordable tours being conducted around the world.

Too much noise and vibrations

Unknown to many, excessive noise and vibrations can hurt a person's health, especially if they are exposed for an extended period. Helicopter vibration has been known to cause physical pain, nausea, and motor dysfunction, especially to passengers having health issues. That's why you'll always be required to wear ear protectors. The excessive noise also hinders regular communication hence the mandatory use of distinctive headphones created for on-flight communication.

Limited hours

Helicopter tours are celebrated during the day when the weather is clear and calm. The reason why most helicopter tours are limited to limited hours during the day is mostly because of visibility issues. It is quite tricky to fly a helicopter at night because the visibility issues can only do so much in increasing the chances of an accident happening. It's also dangerous to fly a chopper in rough weather.


The few bottlenecks aside, the helicopter has proven time and again to be the most convenient way of having a tour. First, helicopters are flexible and, to some extent, affordable mainly if you've found the right tour company. That's why you'll need to take your time to find a reliable company besides having a working budget set aside for your helicopter tour. If you take the time and carry out the necessary preparations, you'll most certainly create the best memories during your helicopter tour.            


Published by Samantha Brown