In this modern ear of education and learning where there is an ocean of opportunities for every learner from various subjects, technology enabled solutions plays a very important role in redefining the learning trends. Today society is becoming dependent on the various technical aspects and the latest advancements in technical equipment’s even making it more obvious. After all, it is the technology which helps individual to improve the skills and framing a better future ahead.
In today classroom the technology and its enabled equipment are widely used to help in the learning process for the students. Commonly used technologies in today’s classroom include desktops, tablets, smartphones, smart whiteboards, digital white boards, finger touch whiteboards, lecterns, rostrums, smart podiums, LCD projectors, and the top on it the internet. All these products improve the interaction between teachers and students.
The incorporation of technology in the classroom is always been a debatable issue. Although, most of the parents, learners and facilitators realize the real benefits of the smart classes still there are a number of people who don’t believe in technology enabled classrooms.
Pros of Technology in Classroom
1. Future ready students
Technology enabled classrooms plays a vital role in improving the skills and knowledge of the students and thus taking them towards a more successful and bright future ahead. Also, students adapting to these technologies are becoming future ready In terms of knowledge and practical exposure towards their subject.
2. Enhancing engagement between students
Students are actively taking part into various online researches using computers and the internet and available online resources. This is increasing the engagement between the students. This helps them to focus on a particular project and interactive lessons help them understanding most conceptual subjects like math and science.
3. Interactive Learning
Thanks to this modern technology classroom that provides completely interactive learning through digitization. One can learn about any subject in an interactive manner that leads to early learning and one gets more exposure towards the subject.
4. Avoiding heavy backpacks for Students
Students don’t need to carry those heavy backpacks on their back because the smart classroom converts their textbooks into online study materials which can be easily accessible from any location within or outside school using the internet. The students can now just carry their smart devices include tablets, laptops which carry the student material in a digital format.
5. Promotes independent learning
With the wide spectrum of online resources on various subjects students now not need to depend upon traditional lectures to be delivered by the teachers. Students can now research and store any relevant information related to any subject and study on their own via any location school or their home. This enables independent learning module that helps students to overcome any challenges they face while learning or understanding various subjects because they can now repeat any particular topic or interest N number of times.
Cons of Technology in Classroom
1. A diversion for students from studies
Technology opens the door to many online resources include online games, messaging, chat bots, social media and movies and more. All these readily available resources usually divert a student interest from the core subject or their studies resulting in wastage of time and diversion from studies.
2. Security and Safety is a Concern
There is much online available content include pornographic, violent etc. that are inappropriate and should not be accessible by the students. There is really no control over the available online resources and anyone can access the available information freely that bringing a safety and security concern.
3. Hamper social life
Students are spending more and more time on the social media channels which diverting their interest from studies and this is the reason due to which students losing their interest in face-to-face meet ups and social activities. Even the students are now more interested to make use of these social content in the school time which is a great reason for worry.
Thus, the technology enabled classroom is not only bringing the happiness among the students or society it also comes up with some cons as discussed above. Although we say if someone makes appropriate and smart use of all these technologies then this can be boon for everyone and proves to be a great contribution towards the development of the society at a large. Private tutor is also making the learning process more easy and interactive for the students. Find tutor for your requirements online.

Published by Piyush Goel