Here we are in a world that has become extremely obsessive about communication, the internet and gadgets trying to live a multidimensional life with full of joy and enthusiasm. Apparently, everyone seems to have an electronic device, in fact, it is hard to conceive life without gadgets. Unquestionably, cell phones are the most widely used electronic device; people are not hesitating to spend a little extra buck to own a branded cell phone. From texting to voice calls, watching videos and connecting to social media, phone serves as the perfect means to carry out all the day to day communication activities.

Now, if you carefully look at the contributions your cell phone makes to your life and how you treat it, you would realize how unfair you have been to your cell phone. Sometimes you find it rattling loosely in your bag, sometimes lying helplessly on the couch and occasionally sitting near the sink, looking at you, doing the dish. This is how we treat our phone, isn’t it? If you disagree to this, then probably you can skip reading this article, and, unfortunately, if you agree to the fact, then it is time get little more careful in protecting your little friend who is your lifeline.

Let’s discover the vulnerability of your cell phone, the screen usually referred as the display is the most critical aspect of your phone which is prone to damage due to obvious reasons, the slightest mishandling and carelessness can severely harm the screen of your cell phone. Can you imagine your phone with a damaged screen and would it make sense to carry a phone with a broken screen? We are going to reveal few ways of protecting your cell phone’s screen from getting damaged.

Store your Phone carefully: Do not keep your phone in the same pocket with your keys, give it some space, there is no harm keeping it on the shelves when you are not using it, and avoid keeping your phone in your laptop bag.

Keep it away from water: Kitchen sink and your mobile phone are not the best of the friends, so avoid taking your phone into the kitchen, and be careful of your phone while in the toilet, chances are there, you can harm your phone by accidentally flipping it into the toilet bowl.

Go for Insurance: If you consider yourself being heavy on your phone, then consider getting insurance for your phone; however, read terms and conditions carefully to make sure that your screen is covered under the insurance, most of the times there are some exclusions in the insurance policy.

Get a screen protector: This is undoubtedly the best way to keep your screen entirely protected. Gone are those days when looking through a screen protector was like watching through the windows of your car which have not been cleaned for ages, recently with the 


advent of technology, screen protectors are evolved, they no more make your phone look like a vulnerable device.

Simple Snap offers iphone 6 plus screen protector which can fit your device perfectly without having you go through unwanted hassles, all you need to do is; place the disposable mold on your device, push it gently until it snaps off giving you a perfectly protective layer. These screen protectors are intelligently designed for a bubble-free installation with an extraordinary accuracy of 0.1 mm. Also, all our screen protectors come with a lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for tempered glass screen protector, then buying it from us will be a beautiful choice, technically, tempered glass screen protectors are little stronger than general glass, as the name suggests, these glasses are tempered to achieve maximum protection, and these glasses are known for their dicing nature, which means, if you accidentally break it, then the glass will shatter into little harmless pieces leaving you and the surrounding unharmed.


We also offer iPhone 5s back screen protector we have screen protectors for almost all the models of iPhone. We would suggest you visit our website and choose the product according to the model of your phone.

So, putting a screen protector on the cell phone has always been a gruesome experience, and indeed we do not want you to break your phone out of frustration while installing the screen protector, which is why we have come up with this specially designed protector with the mold for ease of installation. This is not a business idea to generate more revenue, as a matter of fact; we are simply addressing a common problem that has been ignored for a long time.

Are you pondering over the fact, should you buy it or not? Well, give it a thought imagine if you discover a damaged screen in the middle of the night while trying to make an emergency call, would not you regret not protecting your phone? So take off your thinking hat and log onto our website and protect your cell phone today.

Published by Amit Sharma