One of the great things about upgrading the windows and doors in your home is that when you invest in newer models, you also invest in fixtures that are easier to clean and require less maintenance. Older windows, especially wooden ones, need lots of attention to keep them from rotting.

You’ve invested in a more efficient household and an improved curb appeal. So why wouldn’t you want to take care of your fixtures? Golden Windows can provide you with Kitchener windows and doors, London windows and doors, or window and doors for wherever you reside in Southern Ontario. And we’ve also got great tips for taking care of your windows and doors to make your investment last. Read on.

Cleaning Your Windows (the Wrong Way)

You might be making some cleaning mistakes without even realizing it. You could be cleaning your windows on a sunny day where your cleaner could dry on the hot windows before you clean it. You could be using not enough window cleaner leaving your windows grubby (once the streaks have stopped forming on the glass, you know you’ve done enough). You could be using newspaper or a linty towel that is rough on your glass and leaves debris behind.

How to Clean Your Windows (the Right Way)

It may be true that not many of us rise in the morning with all the excitement in the world to start washing our windows. Still, it’s got to be done and as a pretty big chore, it’s best to get it done right the first time. With your preferred glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, you can take your windows from grimy to sparkling with the following window cleaning tips.

Before you even start applying the glass cleaner, you have to clear away the dirt and debris from the window, window frame, and screen (if you have one). A simple brush will do or you can use a vacuum with your dusting attachment. Once that’s done, apply your cleaner and wipe one side of the glass horizontally and the other side vertically, this makes streaks visible for you to see.

How to Fix a Sticky Door

A door that’s no good should be replaced to save you grief and to improve the quality of your home and life. If you’re looking to make a small repair, however, there are some tips and tricks you can try to fix a sticky door. Doors that are too tight should be removed and planed on the edge that’s sticking so that it can swing freely, but to do this you have to remove the door from its frame.

Before you go to those lengths, however, you can check the hinge screws first and tighten the screws in both the door and the jamb. You don’t need a drill for this, a screwdriver works fine and won’t strip the screw holes of their ridges.

You will need a drill, though, if you are planning to adjust a hinge. You do this by running a three-inch screw through the jamb and into the wall framing in order to draw the hinge inward. Do this where the door is rubbing — for example, if it’s the top of the door that sticks, draw in the upper hinge. The doors in your home are valuable investments, especially those that lead to the exterior, so take care of them to extend their life.

Published by Joel Borthwick