So unless you have been living around a rock for the last 30yrs, you should be familiar with both of these names: PUMA & Minions. If not, let me explain what I have just come across.
The international Footwear Company PUMA have decided to team up with the guys over at Dreamworks who created those cheeky little Minions including Dave, Bob & Carl.
The Minions will be helping PUMA create the across over collection in for PUMA'S Fall/Winter 2017 section. I am sure it will include a lot of bright colours, especially Yellow, Goggles and I am hoping for some Denim.
PUMA's Creative Director for Sportstyle Heiko Desens said "We're very excited to have partnered with the Minions for a collaborative collection. Their mischievous and playful nature fits the PUMA DNA to a T. Apart from their zest for life and endearing character, they inspire us in many ways; they’re extremely hardworking and passionately creative. We welcome the Minions to the PUMA family.”
The PUMA x Minions collection will cater for Adults and Children, it is due to be released on June 1st 2017 just in time for the release of Despicable Me 3, which is due to be released on June 30th 2017.
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Published by Hayley Thomas