The origins of Halloween or All Hallows Eve are varied, some Christian and some Pagan. It dates back over a thousand years.

I doubt many of the people carving up pumpkins, dressing up, and going out trick or treating will know much about the fascinating history behind it. That’s not a judgement or criticism.

The fact is that it is an opportunity for fun, creativity, enjoyment, and community. Whether it is Halloween or any other ‘ween’, these things are essentially for belonging.

The biggest shame is that the main prize for all the activity is a bucket full of sugary treats.

As a human race, we need things to celebrate as a community, it is where memories and shared experiences are created. If only we could have resisted the commercialisation of all these celebrations.

Still, the supermarket shelves have been cleared of pumpkins to make way for puddings, pies, and turkeys.

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Published by Philip Dodson