A bouquet of purple roses has a potential to draw a smile on the face of the lucky person who receives it.. Recently, purple roses have been popular among people in social media. Especially, if you want to give them to loved ones.

Some people use this type of roses to decorate home exterior or for ornamental purposes in wedding ceremonies. If you try to grow roses of that color in your garden or terrace, these roses will improve the beauty of the rest of the flowers you have.

Within this type of roses, the best known are the variety of Dark Purple rose with a very dark shade of purple. However, in the market you can find other varieties with shades that tend to look more lavender or mallow. Varieties of roses in this color there are many and very varied.

Why Purple Rose is Special

It is rare to discover purple roses in nature. In fact, most of the purple roses that we find are works of cross hybridization between different roses. The first rose that was created in this color was in 1800 and was obtained as a result of cross flower breeding between European varieties with oriental roses.

The purple color in a rose represents love at first sight. The beauty of the purple rose is charming and captivating, and those same feelings are transmitted when giving it away. Giving this type of roses means that a person has fallen hopelessly in love with the recipient.

These express fascination and attraction towards someone. However, this fascination is not so real if the tone of the rose tends to violet. The darker the color, the more intense and sincere the feeling is. 

Meaning of Purple Roses

Nothing says more "I loved you from the first moment I saw you" than a bouquet of purple roses. Being a rose that is only achieved through hybridization, these flowers are unique and special. 

Its seductive color is precisely a clear synonym that the person who receives it has managed to captivate his admirer from the first moments. Therefore, to communicate this overflowing fascination, purple roses are used. However, in different occasion, they also represent magic, melancholy, creativity, luxury or dignity.

Where Do Purple Roses Best Grow 

The rose, as we know from gardening manuals, is an extremely capricious and fastidious flower. In inappropriate conditions, it dies or refuses to bloom. So, if you want the bush to please you with color and aroma, you will have to work for it. 

Soil requirements: The best soil option is fertile, rich in nutrients, loose, with an average acidity indicator loam. If the land on your site does not meet these requirements, and you want to plant a rose, you should do the following:

  • loosen heavy soils with the addition of sand, peat and humus; 
  • Acidic soils should be treated with chalk or slaked lime before the pH is level;
  • if the ground is too light, add clay. 

The choice of lighting: Roses are best suited to well-lit areas, although excessively bright direct rays can cause a burnout of color. Although the plant is light-loving, the best option for it will be to plant where there is a lot of light in the first half of the day, and in the afternoon a slight shade appears. It is not recommended to plant a bush in the shade, as in such conditions it will grow poorly and almost will not give flowers.

Optimum humidity: Rose requires regular watering. However, it does not tolerate stagnant moisture at the roots. To overcome this contradiction, you should choose a place to land on a certain elevation (and in no case in a lowland). As for example, a garden slide or slope will be well suited to allow excess moisture to flow freely down. 

Features and basic rules of landing: Planting a rose in the fall, (especially October) is the best choice. Exceptions - the seedlings obtained by cutting, they are planted in the spring. For a seedling, you need to dig a hole that is sufficient in size to allow free placement of the root system, loosen the bottom, place the seedling, straighten the roots, sprinkle with earth (make sure that the pinching site is hidden with soil at a depth of about 10 cm), and slightly trample the soil. For spring planting, compost is placed under the soil layer at the bottom. Also, soil around a prikopannoy roses should spud and mulch.

Care for purple roses: The rose requires fairly regular procedures, especially in the first year after planting. Observing simple rules, you can achieve abundant flowering. 
Watering rules: Watering should be often (on dry days - up to two times a day), but not much so that the water has time to leave the soil. It is not recommended to be too cold, it is better to pick up several containers ahead of time and let them settle. Watering should be at the root, it is not advisable to get water on the leaves and flowers. 

Pruning the rose: After winter, remove dead shoots growing inside the bush, and just superfluous to give shape. During the warm season, cut off faded buds, old or overly long branches, and curled leaves. Natural fertilizers are also good (manure, humus, ash), and mineral purchased. Before the formation of the first buds, nitrogen-containing fertilizers should be applied to the soil. The optimal composition of the finished mixtures contains phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.

Purple Roses for Sale

Purple rose has many varieties. The most popular ocean song roses, quicksand rose, and black baccara rose. All of these are available in our store. You can checkout our catalog to see more varieties  https://ecoroses.com.ec/purple-haze-rose.html

The Right Combination of Purple Roses

Ideas about the ideal bed for all gardeners are different. Therefore, the color combination can be any. It is believed that purple and lilac roses will look good along with white, yellow or pink shades. You can optionally combine with a different colors too. When disembarking groups, it is logical to place higher bushes in the background or in the center. 

Spreading roses are best planted alone. In the background, tall, straight trees like thuja, cypress or standard trees will look good. 

As you can see, a variety of purple roses allows you to choose a beautiful view for every taste, which will perfectly fit into the design of the garden and become its highlight. Its purple color makes you want more joy, and more adventure. In fact, purple relaxes body and mind. In any case, the purple beauties always give us a lot of energy.


Published by Eric Foley