I have a new toy! I love toys. Especially ones I’ve never seen before. It’s so exciting to explore a new toy for the first time. Too bad you can only have that first time experience with a toy once. Then the toy becomes old news and is never as much fun again.

Mommy buys me lots of toys. I have a whole pile of toys that I’ve thoroughly explored and now I barely find them interesting at all. But every once in a while mommy gives me a toy that is so profoundly interesting, that I love it every time I see it. Those are my very favourite toys.

I Love Zazzle

Today I want to tell you about one of these very special toys that stand the test of time. Meet Clip Clop, my blue horse. Clip Clop is the best! He is the perfect size for little hands. Good for play at home and he’s perfectly portable for on the go fun. Clip Clop is fuzzy, soft, and has a funny face. He is easily recognizable and I light up every time I see him.

Fun and delicious!

Fun and delicious!

Clip Clop is lots of fun too. He has thee coloured beads that slide on a green loop. He has a peek-a-boo flap and two tags that are fun to touch. That’s not even the best part! Clip Clop has the funniest feet. Two of them are rattles, one crinkles, and one has a bell inside. One of the feet has a coloured bead for extra fun. Another foot has a mirror on the bottom, and we all know how much fun mirrors are. Clip Clop is packed full of activities so that I never get bored with him.

Clip Clop is made by Playgro. Mommy bought mine at Walmart for less than $10. She says he was a great buy. There are similar toys out there, but Clip Clop is less expensive without sacrificing fun features or quality. One of my favourite toys at such a low price is a great value. Mommy found a real winner in Clip Clop. If you’re looking for a great little toy at a fair price, you should bet your money on this horse.

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