Parents often wonder whether it is worth paying attention to the bite of the baby's teeth. Many believe that bite should be corrected only when all the milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. However, it is recommended to form the right bite from an early age!

Once you notice the problem - contact your orthodontist. The doctor will examine the bite of your baby, assess the overall picture of the formation of teeth, the development of jaws. To date, children's orthodontics successfully copes with any violation of bite, if you contact a specialist of Barrie orthodontists in time.

What if the pathology of the occlusion is hereditary?

The pathology of the occlusion can be hereditary. This happens if the parents or other close relatives have a similar problem. Therefore, it is very important to get a consultation of a children's orthodontist in time to prevent or plan the elimination of dentofacial disorders.

Many young parents ask questions about teething babies. They are interested in the timing and order of teeth eruption and other aspects. It is important to pay attention to the formation of bite in children from the first months of their life.

What factors affect the formation of bite in children?

It is necessary to know that the formation of the bite of children directly depends on:

• Feeding method.

• The width of the hole in the bottle with milk / baby food.

• The time a baby / one-year-old / two-year-old is carrying with a pacifier in his mouth.

• Presence of such bad habits as sucking a finger, holding the corner of a blanket in the mouth, etc.

How to get rid of bad habits that lead to the formation of an incorrect bite?

If you notice that the baby has bad habits that can disrupt the bite, try to gently but effectively distract the child from them.

Eliminating such habits is recommended at an early age. Careful parents pay great attention to children's orthodontics. Contact the children's emergency dentists, and experienced orthodontists will examine your baby's bite.

Why is it important to visit a child's orthodontist?

Since the baby's dent alveolar system actively develops at the age of three to four years, only a children's orthodontist, for example, Barrie orthodontists, will help to choose the right size and model of a plate for bite correction, which will be most convenient and useful for your child. Experience has shown that more than 90% of children using vestibular plates, were able to get rid of bad habits associated with sucking fingers and foreign objects in just a week!

Mouth breathing

If your baby often has tonsillitis, runny nose, accompanied by a constant oral breathing, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate mouth breathing, because literally a year later you will face a problem of the deformation of the dentition in the child. Already in the first year of life, emergency dentists are able to identify the signs of all these pathologies, for this purpose orthodontics is needed.

Children with such impairments find it difficult to chew food, mouth breathing does not provide the body with enough oxygen, such children quickly become tired in class, and slowly learn information.

Congenital absence of teeth

This problem can also be handled by Barrie orthodontists. Early diagnosis in the orthodontist center will help to prepare in advance for the replacement of the missing link, the dentition can be fully replenished with a bridge or an implant (without the involvement of supporting teeth).

Orthodontist teeth alignment

Correction of teeth occlusion can be done in early age or adulthood. In the second case, the technique will differ from that which is usually used for children. An effective dentition of teeth can be done by emergency dentists pretty successfully. Modern pediatric Barrie orthodontists offer a wide range of effective techniques for bite correction. At the moment, the most popular method of correcting the bite for children is the bracket system.

Published by Elina Sivak