images-15Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing well, I’m just getting over a cold! Ugh, I hate getting sick. My throat was sore as hell and me being a cigarette smoker didn’t help any. Thanks to everyone on Snapchat who suggested medicine I should buy. If you’re not already, make sure you add me on Snapchat, Ladynabdoe, friend me on Facebook, Pretty Kay, Like me on Facebook, ShyBossLee, and follow me on Twitter, @LeeShylah.

We all know Shy can and will speak her mind. I’m kinda needy and a little opinionated  when in a relationship, as crazy as it may sound, I like and want attention from and to have conversations with my significant other. Is that asking for too much? Talk to me, How was your day? I’m not saying spend 24/7 with me but I think 3 maybe 5 hours being dedicated strictly to me sounds reasonable. I’m unnecessarily difficult and once I catch an attitude it gives me more of a reason to keep that attitude, I find it funny to test your patients. I enjoy pushing buttons and have been told I’m disrespectful and I probably am, I’m a shit talker. The other day he asked me to cut him some slack and I thought about cutting him. Considering he has a job and I’m not very fond of his choice of friends, I feel when he’s not working I should get roughly 80% of his time. I’m just kidding, but I do think I should get at least a smidge more time than his friends. He claims that I do but I think what our problem is, we consider spending time two different things.images-11

If you’re on the phone with me but playing a game with your friends then that’s not spending time with me. That’s hanging out with your friends and I was there. Same goes for if you’re on the phone with me but playing a game yourself against  the computer r your my player. I want your undivided attention, so that’s not gonna cut it.

I am the queen of multitasking and the inventor of the saying, “I’m listening” but when asked, and I feel necessary, I’ll stop what I’m doing and give you attention. I need to figure out how to explain to him I want your undivided attention! I don’t mind sharing my time with his friends, occasionally, but don’t consider that spending time, QUALITY TIME, with me.

download-2Want to know something funny about this, I’m not a chaser but I’m loving this little game we play. I love having the opportunity to push his buttons, talk shit, witness him become agitated and lose patients, is that weird? LMAO! He said I think this is a game and I kinda do.

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