Junior science geniuses Augustine, Celeste and Oscar can't believe their luck when they're accepted into an elite and mysterious science academy summer camp run by the elusive Inventor Quark.

From the moment they step inside the gates of Quark's Academy at the end of Molecule Drive, they know they're in for a week they'll never forget. But things at the academy are not quite what they seem, and the three quickly realise that they'll need to put their squabbles aside and their heads together if they're ever to get out of there alive...'

I absolutely loved this book.

This amazing junior fiction adventure is filled with humorous dialogue, Mad Scientists and a great array of peculiar characters for readers to fall in love with. Truly a page-turning adventure that was both engaging and entertaining. I really loved the pacing of this book, it really added to the sense of urgency throughout the story.
This is action-packed story is perfect for young readers who love science and
inventing things. I absolutely loved the fact that two of the young inventors were
female. This book really highlights female scientists and will hopefully encourage young female students to engage with the sciences.
Another fantastic element of this book is the way it deals with the personal issues faced by talented youngsters; the expectations they place on themselves, their sometimes strained family dynamics, and the difficulty they can face in making friends.
Catherine Pelosi has created a fantastic cast of characters, with so many great characters to connect with, I can't imagine a reader not finding someone to fall in love with. This wonderful, funny and inventive novel, with amazing, diverse characters will leave
young readers wanting more.

Quark's Academy by Catherine Pelosi is a truly marvelous book that will captivate and entertain readers of all ages.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker