Our favourite young Royal, Queen Red, has decided to share her boundless wisdom with her loyal subjects. Filled with fun and helpful tips regarding Royal style, Royal gatherings and advice on how to handle yourself as a Royal. This magnificent guide is your one stop shop on how to have a long and successful reign.

A companion novel to The Land Of Stories series.

As a huge fan of The Land Of Stories series, I was glad to get my hands on this book. I was surprised with just how funny this book was.

I loved Red as a character in The Land Of Stories series, so getting to read a book written in her voice, from her prospective was so much fun and made for a truly entertaining reading experience.

Chris Colfer did an amazing job with The Land Of Stories series and this companion novel is no different. He perfectly captured Red's voice and was true to the character we know and love. I also really loved the fact that Froggy, Jack, Goldie and other much-loved characters were mentioned throughout this book.

Red was such an entertaining character to read about, now reading a book by Red, for Red and about Red has re ignited my desire to re read The Land Of Stories series.

If you havent yet read this book, get your hands on a copy now.

Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide To Royalty by Chris Colfer is the perfect companion to The Land Of Stories series and is a must read for everyone.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker