There are plenty of questions that you will like to ask the commercial electrical contractors that you are thinking of hiring. You will like to find out about their insurance coverage and whether they offer a guarantee on all the work that they are doing. There are plenty of questions that you need to ask them before you hire anyone for any project and here are a few of them.

Guarantee Offer

The first thing that you need to ask the commercial electrical contractors about their work for which you are going to hire them is whether they offer a guarantee. You should pick one of the experts who offer a guarantee on their work since this will ensure that you won’t have to pay for the work to be done again. Ensure that you get this in writing and that they let you know how long the guarantee is valid for and exactly what it covers. You don’t want to leave anything to chance and the best experts will always give you some sort of guarantee for their work.

Licenses and Insurance

Depending on the area that you are working in there are various licenses and permits that any of the commercial electrical contractors would require. Make sure that you are aware of what these are and that you ask the prospective experts if they have it. Ensure that they show you the licenses, certifications and other requirements before you hire them. It is critical that you also ask them about the insurances that they have and what they will cover, including workers compensation. You should feel free to ask them to show you all the related paperwork as well.


You want to ensure that you are choosing the best commercial electrical contractors, so go ahead and ask them about their experience. This is critical if there is an important job that needs to be done and it requires specialization. Ask them about their training so that you can know if they undertook the right certification and other training before they were hired. If you don’t meet all the team members, then make sure to ask the team head about the qualifications of all the team members and their training. You will surely like to hire someone who has experience and knows exactly what they are doing.

Length of Time in the Industry

One of the main questions that you need to ask the commercial electrical contractors is how long they have been working in the industry. This means that you should find out how long their business has been open for and who they worked with before. If you come to know that they are still naïve in the industry, then you should re-consider your decision of hiring them and go for someone who has expertise and knowledge in the field. If you are thinking of appointing an experienced person, make sure that you check their certifications and experience letters before hiring them.

Thus, the above-mentioned questions must be asked to the commercial electrical contractors, whom you are thinking of hiring. Before appointing someone, it is always better to conduct a thorough research to avoid future problems. Their expertise and knowledge in the field, experience, guarantee provided, and various other facts must be considered to choose the right one for you. Choosing a wrong person can not only cost you a lot of unnecessary expenses but also expose the building to potential hazards and risks associated with electricity malfunction. Thus, choosing the right commercial electrical contractors is crucial and need of the hour.


Published by Jack Louis