It is a commonly prescribed practice to engage experienced demolition contractors for the demolition of your industrial, commercial or domestic establishment. As clients, people feel relieved if the demolition contractor is of sound reputation with a comprehensive track record, giving us the levy to overlook the entire demolition process and its nuances as something that does not require our supervision and can be managed well by the experts. However, as property owners, we must be equally be invested and involved in the entire demolition process and in fact be aware of the mandates, regulatory framework and best practices followed by reputed and experienced demolition contracts.

Aside from this, every city and state have their own specific laws surrounding waste management and demolition contracts. As property owners, it is important that you are on your utmost vigil and possess a certain amount of knowledge on demolition practices. Here are some questions you should be asking your experienced demolition contractor to make him realize you mean business:

Do They Have A Standard Contract, Documentation and Legal Papers in Place for Their Service?

To ensure that you are not left hanging after getting into an agreement, ensure that your experienced demolition contractor has documents, grants, and licenses pertaining to their services, practices and other such formalities in place. This is to avoid unforeseen delays in kicking off the process. It would be wise to check the track record of the supervisory staff they place on your site and ensure they follow ethical and just practices.

Do They Have the Requirements Capacity to Take Up Your Scale of Work?

If it is a small-scale domestic demolition you are looking to execute, this question should not bother you much. On the other hand, if it is a large-scale project, you must thoroughly understand their capacity, employee productivity, legalities of employment and other such considerations. You do not want compromised capacity and labor issues to plague and delay your demolition work.

How Do They Tackle On-The-Job Safety Concerns? What Practices and Drills Do They Put in Place to Ensure Human Safety?

The outcome of an accident on the job can be detrimental to your reputation and cause the freezing of your property work for an indefinite time period. Hence, safeguard your interests by checking with your experienced demolition contractor about their training on hazardous activities, the protective gear they use, the certification requirements their staff meets, physical examinations and fitness of their work pool among other such concerns. An experienced demolition contractor should have all these well in place.

How Do They Manage the Inconvenience Caused by Your Demolition Project to Nearby Buildings and The Block At Large?

You don’t want to be faced with notices and warning of inconvenience your demolition work is causing to the people around you. Ensure hospitals, schools, houses and businesses around your site are aware of your work, have provided their concurrence or agreement to the certain level of levy they are willing to extend to you. Make sure your experienced demolition contractor strictly adheres to those limits in relation to the noise and debri levels as prescribed by local authorities and causes minimal inconvenience to establishments around. A piece-by-piece dismantling is advised in such situations.

What Green Demolitions Practices Does Your Contractor Follow?

A recent albeit welcoming trend in property demolition is adopting green or eco-friendly practices in your process. Many experienced demolition contracts dismantle re-usable items by hand in order to recycle them. Not only does this contribute to cost-savings, but it also preserves the environment a great deal.

Make sure your demolition contractor ties in the above-mentioned practices into your service engagement to deliver a safe, well-rounded property demolition service.  There can be nothing better than a well-planned demolition.

Published by Zac Ferry