Time is a precious gift and managing it can be a challenge for many people.Sometimes it is those increasing demands of the day that can prevent you from entering a meditative state to achieve those aspirations.Relieving stress and embracing positive thinking may be a desired aspiration, but finding the time to do so may seem unattainable. 

However, even though setting aside some time for longer meditation is preferable there is a way to meditate anytime anywhere and successfully enter into a relaxed meditative state. If you follow these techniques and simple steps you will be ready to embrace the day more comfortably and confidently.If you can set aside at least five to seven minutes to refocus your mindset you will be ready to quickly mediate and maintain positive energy throughout the day.Below is a list of steps to enter a positive meditative state on the go.

Step 1: (1 min.) Find a comfortable place to sit or lay. If sitting is not possible standing or lying down is fine too.The main focus of this step is to discover a location where you can be comfortable and relaxed.Lastly, try to discover a location free from possible distraction or interruption. 

Step 2: (1 min.) Now Close your eyes. Breath in and out with slow deep breaths.

Step 3: (2-3 min.) Begin Meditation 

With your eyes closed envision yourself or the essence of who you are as a bright ball of light in the center of your chest.

Now, imagine that you have a clear funnel at the center of your head streaming in pure light into your head and through your body.

Remember to keep your breathing slow and steady. Quietly, feel the overflowing of energy, power and love stream into your body as the light travels throughout your being. 

Let the abundance of luminous light expand and fill your entire being. Quickly feel this bright light extend throughout your entire body. Gather some of this light to the center of your chest.Take time to pause briefly at this step and breathe slowly...

Now, swiftly raise this abundance of light back up to the top of your head and out.

You may experience a thrusting force when you attempt to visualize raising this bright ball of light through the top of your head. However, try to not to break mediation at this point.Continue to keep eyes closed and just embrace the rushing experience.

Gradually proceed to allow this light to return to you as it travels back through the top of your head slowly expanding and spreading throughout your being once again. 

Step 4: (1-2 min.) Recite Positive Affirmations

Key tip: BELIEVE these affirmations are happening to you now. Believe and Feel these statements to be absolute truth  despite the evidence of your senses is the key component to unlocking what you desire to see manifest into your reality.

At this time, you should be at a calm meditative state. Now you can begin to recite into your mindset what you would like to see transcend or manifest into your life. Take a minute to take slow steady breaths. These desires must be alignment with positive energy vibration for the most effective positive results.

Slowly repeat your affirmations: Speaking them silently effective, as the vibration tones have a powerful effect in extending out to the universe. Yet, repeating affirmations internally is perfectly alright to do too.

Include your own affirmative statements you would like to see manifested in your life. Since this is a limited time meditation, you can pick five to ten affirmations that you might want to repeat to yourself at this time. A list below shows you the range of affirmations you can recite during meditation and throughout the day to keep positive energy flowing in and towards you...

List of positive affirmations: (Examples)

I posses radiate powerful love energy.

People love to listen to my voice.

People enjoy talking to me.

People want to hear my ideas.

I control my thinking.

I reject negative thoughts.

My voice projects confidence.

My voice projects compassion.

My voice projects leadership.

I Love my Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Using “I am” statements are most effective to use.They affirm your acceptance of what you'd like see manifest into your life. “I am” affirmations are the most powerful assumption to declare because it enables to unite with the universe power so that that creative energy can to quickly respond to our desires.Therefore, with this consistent belief we then can connect and attract into our lives what we desire to see manifest.

I am successful

I am Gorgeous

I am a money magnet

I am an 'A' student

I am promoted on my job.

I am a healthy 

I am wealthy. I am rich.

"I have" statements are effective to recite as affirmations as they declare the assumption of you already being in possession of your wish fulfilled.

I have a beautiful smile.

I have an unlimited supply of money.

I have a large steady dependable income based on integrity and mutual benefit.

You have a radiate powerful love magnetism wherever you go.


In conclusion to this step, it is most important that you believe in what you are saying to be true or envision that these affirmations have already happened. Without believing these statements, you will be missing a key fundamental element to allowing your desires  to manifest into your reality. Hence, these statements must maintain intrinsic truth to you followed by the feeling of having already obtained what you desire.

Helpful Tip: Separate what you feel to be true about yourself or circumstance to what you envision yourself or what will positively occur in your circumstances.

Step 5: (1-3 min.) Visualization

Visualize yourself achieving all that you desire or believe yourself to be. See yourself receiving that promotion. Feel yourself in the room receiving an applause after your presentation. Envision your book being sold around the world.etc. See yourself at the moment with all your senses intact enjoying whatever it is you want to see manifested into your reality.

Step 6: Repeat to yourself: “Love is filling my being. I am that, I am.

Step 7: Now Take in a deep breath, exhale, and slowly open your eyes.

These seven steps if followed should give you a much-needed boost in your day and time anywhere. This medication again should take only but a few minutes once you understand how the progression of steps occurs.

This will help you maintain a positive happy lifestyle and manifest what you desire into your reality. You will be amazed at the results of just remaining positive and speaking life not death into your experiences. Turn those can’t statements into can statements and watch your life transform.

This quick time mediation is also ideal in the morning when first waking up or especially, before bed for the best possible results.


Published by Naomi S. Gobern