While attic cleaning might look a tedious and extra task, to begin with, it usually brings a lot more than satisfaction at the end of the day. You might find yourself brushing off the thought of cleaning the attic more often than you know. We are all in the same boat people, but layers of dirt, dust, molds, rodent infestations and massive damage to the insulation tell us against it. Attic cleaning is essential on the checklist for the homeowners when it comes to extensive cleaning and de-cluttering.

 Here is how it can be done in a few easy steps.

1.    Remove Stuff
After ensuring your safety, which is putting on face masks and hand gloves, step into that attic. Make sure the room is properly lit. Take out all the boxes, material, furniture and stuff from the attic. If the stuff is too heavy to be lifted, shift it to a corner of the room, making room for cleaning. If sheets or linens are covering your stuff, make sure you wash and spread them in the sunlight for the allergens to die.

2.    Clear Off that Dirt
The worst part of cleaning the attic is the collection of dust and dirt in all corners of it. Use a synthetic, electrostatically charged duster for the process. Make sure you reach every corner, wall, beam, roof, etc. Also, reach out to all the light and fan fixtures. Replace the duster if need be.

3.    Sweep, Vacuum, Repeat
A vacuum cleaner comes in handy as an efficient option here. The vacuum cleaners usually come with the high-efficiency bags and filters which capture all the dust particles and allergens. Vacuuming removes insects, mites and other unwanted particles as well. Use the extensions to achieve maximum cleaning.

4.    Insulation Examination
Insulation inspection is important but ignored part of attic cleaning. Floor joists should have insulation to their level. If it is below that level, it should be added. Also, insulation should be evenly distributed throughout the attic.

5.    Check and Clean the Molds
The attic is prone to mold growth because of the dark, humid environment. Check the space carefully for mold growth. Calling a professional cleaning service (if you spot a mold) is a better idea for all people with allergies.

6.    Arrange the Stuff Back
Replace the stuff back after thorough cleaning. Dust away, clean and polish all the furniture and boxes. Stack them in an orderly manner.

7.    Take Preventive Measures
The idea is to prevent molds to regrow and excessive dust to stick again. Repair all the cracks, holes and window linings before shutting the doors again. This might be a prohibition to the entrance of insects, mites, dust and all other unwanted fellows.

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Published by Mudassar Ali