Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite "go to," recipes that I make for lunch, it's great if you have leftovers or if you want to call it dinner. This recipe is super easy and quick! So let's get started:

What You Need:

Birdseye Frozen Mixed Vegetables (1/2 bag; you can use any brand)

1/2 Bag of Frozen Rice or Steam your own (I've done both)

1/2 TBSP. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1-1/2 TBSP Sesame Seed Oil

2 TBS of Salted Butter

2 Whole Eggs

Chicken Breast (leftovers; optional)

Salt & Pepper (to taste)



1. If you don't have left overs of Rice and Mixed Vegetables from your previous dinner, then follow the microwave instructions on the back of the frozen Rice and Mixed Vegetables. If you happen to have left over Rice and Frozen Vegetables place them in a bowl all together. 

2. Once your vegetables are prepared. Take a medium size pan on medium-high heat allow the pan to get hot. Then add your Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Butter & Sesame Seed Oil to the pan for about 3 minutes. Carefully incorporate all the ingredients by stirring.

3. Then add your Rice and Mixed Vegetables to the pan. Turn the heat down to a medium-low setting. If your oil is spitting at you, turn the heat down. 

4. Once and your Rice & Mixed Vegetables have been cooking for about 6 minutes..stirring occasionally. You can get your scrambled egg read. 

5. Put your eggs in a bowl with a little bit of water and beat them. Once your beat them pour them over the Rice and Vegetables. You can turn your heat up at this point. 

6. Cook the eggs until light and fluffy. You can always add more eggs if you want it. 

**If you have left over Chicken Breast or Shrimp add them in before you add your eggs, allow them to get hot**

Serve Hot & Enjoy!

What I enjoy most about this recipe it gives a lot of room for experimenting, you can do whatever you want to it. Make it your own.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Sophia and I do!


If you try this recipe let me know how it goes!

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