Vegetables with tofu or any protein of your choice is a quick, heathy, and easy dinner for a weeknight. This dish is great to eat in the summer time when it is hot and you don’t want to eat anything heavy or when you come home at 5 from work and just want to sit on the couch and relax this is a great dinner to make. You can use any veggies you have in the house or anything you like. I used a red onion, zucchini, grape tomatoes, broccoli, and tofu. A good tip, go to your local farmer’s market especially during summer time and pick up some fresh veggies. You can even prep beforehand, by chopping the veggies the night before then it becomes even easier. Then you just pop it in the oven and relax till it is done. Quick, easy, heathy, and delicious!



Red onion



Grape tomatoes

Protein (I chose tofu)

Olive oil


More Veggies To Add:




Brussel Sprouts




  1. Chop veggies and choice of protein
  2. Toss is olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other seasons you like
  3. Lay veggies and protein out flat on a cookie sheet (I like to line the cookie sheet with tin foil)
  4. Place in a 450 degrees pre heated oven for 10-15 minutes
  5. Enjoy!

*My preference for tofu I like to cook it in a frying pan with a little olive oil and seasoning rather than throwing it in the oven with the veggies.


Hope you enjoy!

Safe Travels,


Published by Julie Cresser