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Quinoa it’s an antioxidant, high in protein, even an appetite suppressant and it’s naturally gluten free. It also has anti inflammatory properties and is heart healthy. It is touted as some of the healthiest food on the planet. So I get it, I understand all the hype. But it really sucks, or does it? The first time I tried it let’s just say, it tasted like mushy cardboard. To say the least I hated and well, that family of mine wanted absolutely no part of it at all. They were like stubborn toddlers being forced to eat brussel sprouts.  But not any longer. Now I actually love it, yes I really do that’s no lie. I had no choice but to stick with it when I was diagnosed with Celiac. I had to be gluten free and it is a great alternative to gluten pastas. I just figured by not giving up on it that I had trained myself to love it. BUT WAIT, I recently became aware that my family and friends are eating it also. I realized it has come into its own. More and more of us are eating Quinoa by choice. that right, QUINOA HAS FOUND ITS WAY! If you tried it a while ago try it again with one the more recent delicious recipes. I think when this country first seen it as mainstream no one knew what to do with it.  In the past year or so chefs and home cooks alike  have really developed some awesome tasty ways to cook it. Simple but really good recipes have been developed but even the basic way is so much improved. We know how to cook it finally. Just boiling it plain is plain but using broths and seasonings really turns quinoa up a notch. It is like rice so adding flavors at cooking time is best. One easy way is using organic vegetable broth with organic lemon and cracked pepper and voila! You now have good fluffy quinoa. I add it to soups as I would rice or pasta, make quinoa fritters and use it as a base for a cold salad. the options are endless. Cook as I mentioned above and add shredded arugula, some capers, sun dried tomatoes with your favorite homemade dressing. It will be a summer cold salad to satisfy everyone at those bbq’s. 

Some tips about quinoa:

It is pronounced keen-wah

Buy it pre washed or rinse it thoroughly by hand rubbing it together because it may upset your tummy and it can taste bitter otherwise. The pre washed is my way to go. 

It does comes in three varieties, black, red and most commonly off white. The black quinoa I have found to be the one to cause some of the gastro problems.I stick to red and white, the red is a bit more earthy whole the white is soft and mild. 

Now why not cook some quinoa, really just try it.  

My favorite way to make quinoa is the following recipe:

SPICY QUINOA IN PARMIGIANA BROTH, now that seems harmless, no?

Ingredients list

1 cup quinoa 

handful shredded sage 

sliced pecorino Romano cheese (see cooking note)

crushed red pepper 

sea salt

2 cups organic gluten free chicken broth 

1 clove chopped garlic 

Half organic lemon

Olive oil

Start heating garlic, crushed pepper, sea salt, sage in olive oil. Toss in the quinoa and toast for a few minutes. Add 1 cup of water, 1 cup of chicken broth with lemon and shaved cheese. Bring it to boil then lower the heat and cover until all liquid is absorbed but not completely dry. Remove lemon rind now. Add the other cup of broth to thin out quinoa heat through and serve in soup bowl adding more shaved cheese and sage on top.  

This is terrific with a simple roasted chicken or just a salad for a complete supper. 


I use Pecorino Romano not Parmigiana Reggiano cheese sorry for the false advertising but most Italians where I live substitute this all the time. Pecorino Romano is a tangy sheep milk cheese and it is less expensive than Parmigiana Reggiano. The cheese is sorta the everyday parmigiana here in NYC.  

Also please remember not to overdo it with the sage for this recipe, a little goes a long way. As for the cheese, is there really ever too much?

I hope you find this ish delicious as well.  Live, eat, share gluten free and FODMAPish. 




Published by Cathyann Hennessy