It's Monday, and the first in the series of posts that I'll be doing to help you kick off the week with some deep thoughts. It just so happens that today is a Bank Holiday, and while some people may be working, plenty of you will have the day off. 

One question that looms over days like today is: What do I do with this free time? 

So, to start off my series of 'Quote-inspired Thoughts' here's a quote I found the other day about time:

"Time is a river, speeding us up or slowing us down as we sail along. But are we starting to sink under the weight of all these clocks?" - Issue 1 of Amuseum Magazine

It's a nice metaphor, the thought of time as a river. I live near the river Trent, and on the occasions I go down to see it, it's usually flowing along at a decent speed. So I can easily imagine how time would be like a river. It also brings to the fore the fact that time is something Other. Something that we cannot control. The river won't stop flowing or just disappear, just as time won't stop. 

Today, we're in a different boat than yesterday. And since today is a day that might not have any fixed time schedule for most people, there's a pressure to know what to do with it. Many people might go to the seaside or have a day out with the family. I'm going to go to town and do some shopping with a friend, but it doesn't matter what we do each day, time continues flowing like a river, and there's nothing we can do to stop it moving forward. We have to move with it and hope that we don't sink. 

The quote asks if we are weighed down by time, and I'd say that in this day and age, there's a good chance that answer is yes. We're in an age of anxiety and are highly technologically advanced. We have things today that didn't exist years ago, and many people might wish for simpler times. There's also a pressure to succeed, and success comes hand in hand with time. If you want to be successful, you need to put in the hours and work towards your goal. But these days there are more and more ways to become successful, or turn your hand to business than ever before.

Social media. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. All of these platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube, make it very easy for people to connect with other people and make a success of yourself. There are people my age and younger than me who have found a certain amount of fame via these platforms, and it makes me wonder...if I had used my time more wisely, would I be better off now? 

I could talk for hours about time and all the different ways to think about time, but it isn't easy to discuss. Time essentially rules our lives, and yes it moves us along, and slows us down, but today's quote is right to ask if it weighs us down. Because it does. If I haven't used my time effectively, then I get anxious and upset, and this leads to more time wasting, because I'm wasting time thinking about the fact I'm not making the most of the time I have! 

This week, try to see time not as something that weighs us down, but as an opportunity. Time is with us no matter what, so use it. Squeeze as much as you can out of it. It is a river, so decide which boat you want to be in, and work with the river to reach your destination. 

Published by Jade Moore